Take a seat to find out the following: Did Mauricio Pinilla have a parallel relationship with two women?

Since Mauricio Pinilla and Gala Caldirola made their relationship official, they have been the subject of various speculations and rumors about their love past. Now, the Infama portal launched a new bomb that could change the whole panorama in the couple’s relationship.

As revealed by the gossip site infamousthe former soccer player known as Pinigol he would have maintained a parallel relationship with two women at the same time: his ex-partner, Gissella Gallardoand the Spanish model, Gala Caldirola.

The information comes from sources close to the couple, who assure that, despite the official separation with Gallant, pinilla he was trying to get back with her while he was in a relationship with caldirola.

In fact, the situation would have been so complicated that, according to Infama, on the same day that the separation with Gissella Gallardo was made official, on April 6 of last year, Pinilla and Gala met at Bar Alonso and left together that night. “They were trying to come back”assure the same sources.

The news has caused a stir among the couple’s followers, who are wondering since when Pinilla and Gala Caldirola have been in a relationship. And although the information is not officially confirmed, the words of the panelists of “What do I tell you” They seem to confirm the veracity of the information.

Given the new information, Mauricio Pinilla and Gala Caldirola They have not yet issued any statement on the matter. whatHow will this affect your relationship? Will they stay together despite the rumors? Only time will tell.