Take a seat to see what Shakira will look like at age 60, according to Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence continues to surprise the world and this time it has been the turn of Shakira. A prediction of what the singer will look like at age 60 has sparked the curiosity of her fans, who have been impressed with the result. It is a fact that in the future Shakira will continue to be one of the most attractive women in the world, according to the AI.

The AI ​​predicts what Shakira will look like at 60 and the result is surprising

AI has been a trend in social networks in recent times and has been used for different purposes, including to predict what people will look like in a few years. The Colombian singer Shakira is no exception and she has been the subject of one of these predictions.

Shakira today
Shakira at 60 according to the AI
Shakira at 60 according to the AI

According to the AI, Shakira will still be beautiful at 60, with some wrinkles and expression lines, but maintaining the glow of her skin and that smile that characterizes her. The photograph used to make her prediction was one of the most recent of the singer, in which she is seen wearing a black silk blouse with some transparencies, a lace top and a diamond necklace.

The Colombian singer has proven to be a fighter and hard-working woman, managing to maintain her statuesque figure with a lot of effort in the gym. She is a lover of sports such as skateboarding or surfing and has inspired millions of fans around the world with her hip movement.

In addition to her musical talent, the Barranquillera woman is an active creator of content on her social networks and she herself had previously played with Artificial Intelligence and showed the world, through her TikTok account, a compilation of designs generated with AI, look next:


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