Take note: this is all that China Suárez carries in her suitcase

The versatile China Suarez He recently revealed through a TikTok the secrets behind his suitcase when it comes to preparing for video clips. The actress, who has been consolidating her career as a solo singer throughout 2023, shared fascinating details about the essential elements that she always carries with her to ensure that everything is perfect during her recordings.

China Suárez. Source: Instagram @sangrejaponesa

But before we dive into the contents of her suitcase, it’s worth noting that rumors of romance between the China Suarez and talented singer Lauty Gram have been doing the rounds since mid-June. Teleshow’s exclusive confirmation reveals that the couple is becoming increasingly closer, appearing together at recent events and sparking speculation since they were first seen in a shopping mall in Uruguay.

On social networks, the exchange between the couple only confirms the good harmony. Affectionate comments, shared photos and enigmatic messages fuel speculation about their romance. Furthermore, Lauty’s recent song, titled “Mayor que yo”, has fanned the flames of speculation among fans, suggesting that it could be a dedication to China Suárez.

China uploaded a TikTok showing the essential things she carries in her suitcase when recording a video clip, the first thing she shows are the hair and personal hygiene products, which she carries everything in a bag, she also carries incense burners and candles , then she showed that she is wearing stockings and bras for the change of look.

All this accumulation of information sheds light on the life of China Suárez, both in her artistic and personal aspects, creating an intriguing scenario that has captured the attention of her followers.