Tananai presents his first album “Rave, Eclissi”, between desire to have fun and fragility

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Rave, Eclipse is Tananai’s first album and follows the EP Piccoli Boati of 2020. Composed of 15 tracks, it contains all the souls of Tananai: artist, producer, songwriter, his most festive part and his most introspective sides, a young man who lives with a company with a thousand faces. In him dwell love, insecurities, repentance, the desire to celebrate the beautiful experiences of life and to have fun, but also the will to bare one’s fragility are just some of the main themes that live in union and antithesis in the album, produced by Tananai himself.

Alberto let’s start from the history of the album: when was it born and how did you work on it since you are also the producer? Also the cover, which symbolizes your two souls: is there a reason why the dark half is above the bright one or is it just a graphic issue?

The arrangement of the cover is a purely graphic matter, even if perhaps by reconnecting to the subconscious an answer could be found. There’s no precise moment when it was born, but there is a moment when it ended and we let it out. Given the importance I give to sound, I had to produce it myself, this allows me to write more spontaneously. Another important thing, besides showing my faces, is just being spontaneous, being quick. Two days of work are starting to be too much for a song.
Does the girl who kills the man who is watching the sunrise actually kill hope and is the instigator digital loneliness? Also because it arrives in the tracklist Those like us which conveys a sense of disorientation. Then ne The Best Years ask for a bit of everything that you deserved it…do you feel so crushed by the failure of the generations that preceded you and the absence of a future?

I think yes. There is an evolutionary step between my generation and the next one, in my opinion new jobs have been created with platforms, inevitably we have adapted. During the covid period I wrote The best years the most disillusioned text: I didn’t feel taken into consideration but now I’m telling you that I’m confident about the future, I think we’ll be fine.
Between Casual Sex and see you after the sex of Little Gabber what’s in between?

Music and live performances, the two things I couldn’t live without. Sex isn’t just physical for me, it’s getting to know a person while music is getting to know other people. If music was born in a closet, I’d have another job.
Your room that had no door and the modern version of the attic one step away from the blue sky by Gino Paoli?

I would never dare, I don’t compare myself to that piece and that author but it can be in my small way.
If the authorities stop me I was looking for happiness…shouldn’t the authorities really be driving the car instead? Speaking of happiness…after what happened in Modena, putting the word Rave in a title is at daspo risk!!!

I did it much earlier and there is proof, but then the planets got misaligned. In this case an authority is a wiser person. Sometimes it happens to meet those who have lived more time but less experiences. Today I wouldn’t know what to recommend to a teenager who didn’t go to school in his best years. Today the authorities are consultants and dialogue is important.
Baby Goddam it reminds me a lot of Giorgio Moroder’s production work: I ask you if the eighties are a decade of reference for you and how much time you dedicate to research to experiment. Guests on the disc too a girl who looks like the eighties

The musical periods are all important, even the dry ones. I’m confident, if there’s a drought, the ground will be prepared for something important. Research is fundamental, to do it I need to listen to music and get inspired, today nothing is invented but everything can be reworked.
The highest point of rudeness is yours old record that didn’t understand you?

That song is the outburst of an angry boy, it is not known with whom or with what perhaps with the world. That person was one of the many obstacles to happiness. But then I realized that you are the architect of your destiny and no one comes to save you. It’s the oldest song on the record and marked the difference from the me I was and am now.
If I think about Little Gabber, Black Soy Sauce And Rave, Eclipse I have the feeling that you played a lot with your voice, maybe for the first time. Is that it? And will it stay that way in the future?

I hope to keep playing and discovering new things. Music makes me discover many parts of myself, whether they are called talent or flaws. First of all, I would like to continue to be the first to be taken aback by what he does.
In the end can we say that in your pockets there is no longer just a headache and that thanks to your songs we have recovered some of the best years?

I hope so! It would be wonderful to be some of the best years of the others.
What will happen in the coming weeks besides the instores?

From May 2023 I will be doing concerts in big clubs and then we will see what happens in the summer.