Tananai, the announcement of the surprise stop after the end of the tour

After thanking the people who went to his concerts over the last two years, Tananai talked about the decision to stop for a while to focus on new music. The singer sent a message to the followers of his Instagram profile.

tananai: “I’ll stop for a while”

The end of the tour marked the end of an era for Tananai, which exploded in the media with Sex occasional on stage at the 2022 Sanremo Festival. After two years of success, the Milanese singer spoke of his desire to return to the studio: “I’m stopping for a while because this circle has closed with the last date of the tour. It was beautiful, I wanted to thank you.”

Tananai added: “I need to go back to the studio, to understand everything good that has happened to me in these two years since that Sanremo Giovani freaked out and then return with new music that has a sense of existing and being listened to because there we deserve it.”

Finally, the singer concluded: “We are a beautiful family and therefore things must be done with care. It was good, it was really good and I’ll see you soon.”

In November last year Tananai released the album Rave, eclipse containing the songs Pasta and Abyssal. Among his most recent successes we also find The sweet life with Fedez and Mara Sattei e Another world with Merk & Kremont and Marracash.