Tananai, with ‘Rave, Eclissi’ the first unreleased album

15 tracks that tell all the souls of the new and ironic pop phenomenon

Tananai announces the release of ‘Rave, eclipse’, his first album of unreleased tracks, out on friday 25 november and already available in presave and preorder. ‘Rave, eclipse’ will enclose all the souls of Tananai in 15 tracks: artist, producer, songwriter but also a son of his time and of the society in which he grew up. The official website of the new recording project is already active, through which Tananai will release, starting from today, exclusive contents, small spoilers and all the information of the album.

“‘Rave, eclipse’ is the summary of the two souls that from the beginning of my project I decided to include in the songs – explains Tanana – There is the most badass, light part, the one that perhaps in the last year has allowed the most of you know me: the Rave. But after the party there is always the down, the Eclipse, my more introspective side. The only thing that unites these two aspects of me is always getting naked and I I’m promised that I would do it with every aspect of my life. “

Love, insecurities, repentance, the desire to celebrate the beautiful experiences of life and have fun are just some of the themes that live in union and antithesis in the disc, containing the already known ‘Abyssal’, the last single through which the artist showed her more intimate and melancholy side, ‘Pasta’, ‘Sex occasional’ (platinum), ‘Exaggerated’, ‘Rudeness’, the hit ‘Baby goddamn’ (triple platinum) and a special collaboration with Ariete in the unpublished ‘Minesweeper’.

Next year will be an opportunity for Tananai to return to play live by presenting ‘Rave, eclipse’ in a club tour produced by Friends and Partners. The music of the young singer-songwriter will travel to Italy starting from Friday 5 May 2023 in Naples, at the Casa della Musica, Saturday 6 May 2023 in Rome, at Atlantico Live, continuing on Wednesday 10 May 2023 at the Tuscany Hall in Florence, Saturday 13 May 2023 at the Grand Teatro Geox in Padua, and then concludes on Thursday 18 May 2023 at the Fabrique in Milan.

On November 1, Vevo, the world’s largest leading music video network, released the full list of the Vevo ‘Dscvr Artists to Watch’ 2023 campaign, covering the 20 artists worldwide that Vevo believes are ready to get noticed. national and international in 2023. For Italy, Tananai was selected, who recorded, exclusively for the platform, two video clips taken from the songs of the album that will be published shortly after the release of ‘Rave, eclipse’ on the official channel Vevo from Tananai.

Here is the tracklist of the album: 1. Abyssal, 2. Those like us, 3. Little gabber, 4. Black soy sauce, 5. Minesweeper feat. Aries, 6 Series A, 7 The Best Years, 8 Baby Goddamn, 9 Rave Eclipse, 10 Occasional Sex, 11 Maleducation, 12 Exaggerated, 13, Three Quarters, 14 Pasta, 15 Fuck Me.