“Tango”, Tananai tells the meaning of the song presented in Sanremo

“For a long time, in my songs, I talked about myself and what I had experienced firsthand. When I heard the story of Olga, Maxim and Liza and managed to write this song, I felt useful. I understood that it is important to tell people’s simple lives, even when bad events like a war happen. We have to do it, and keep doing it.” In the delicacy of “Tango”, a song that led to the Sanremo Festival 2023 and written with Davide Simonetta, Paolo Antonacci and Alessandro Raina, Tananai tells the love story of Olga and Maxim, two Ukrainian boys separated by the conflict. In the video of this song, the singer-songwriter narrates their daily lives through the videos and photos they have exchanged in recent months. “I know I would have wasted an opportunity if I hadn’t brought this story to the Festival. It’s a song that I like very much” adds Tananai with a smile, in an interview with Sky Tg24, on the day of the first anniversary of the conflict.

“I have always believed in the message that I can convey through my songs”

“Many people, listening to the song, said that it is a very beautiful lyric. Then, seeing the video, they realized what I’m actually talking about. I am convinced that simplicity has images which are, in this case, the smiles and videos that Olga and Maxim send each other. I wanted the text to be simple, a text to which to join a video, which makes the meaning of this song better understood. Olga and Maxim, in this video, talk to each other, they don’t communicate with the world. But it would be nice if the world opened its eyes and grasped these messages” says Tananai, with a hint of a smile.

“I wanted to give value to my participation in the Festival: I succeeded with Tango”

“I am very proud of this song and of what is around it, because I am the first to have been struck by the story of Olga and Maxim. I wanted to give value to my participation in the Festival, with Tango I succeeded. No one can do something concrete to put an end to what is happening, however, if someone, watching this video, could feel more grateful than they have, it would be very nice. Also because happy people tend only to do good, I am convinced of this ” Tananai closes, before saying goodbye and thanking us.