Tapirulàn, everything you need to know about Claudia Gerini’s first film as a director

Directorial debut for Claudia Gerini

As a versatile and curious actress, with more than 30 years of career behind her, Claudia Gerini could not escape the risky challenge of directing. She does it brilliantly with her new film entitled “Tapirulàn” (from 5 May in cinemas) produced by Milano Talent Factory in association with Attitude and Big Tree Movie Entertainment, in collaboration with Rai Cinema and Sky Cinema.

The plot of the movie

A first work in which Gerini herself plays Emma an original conseulor who communicates with her many customers via a digital screen connected to her latest generation treadmill. Many patients, his, to which he responds promptly by running into his huge super bright living room that looks like an aquarium: there are those who must accept and be accepted, those with obsessive compulsive disorder, those with the most traditional panic attacks, those with problems with anger and who finally mistakes his site for an erotic chat. With respect to these syncopated calls, Emma always has an answer, a reassurance, except when her younger sister (Claudia Vismara) calls. Through the many video calls it is inevitable that, little by little, we begin to know a little about Emma, ​​her life, her past, and also to glimpse a trauma that seems to have blocked her forever despite her psychology studies, bioenergetics is the his obsessive passion for running.

Cast and production

In addition to Gerini herself, the cast of the film also includes Claudia Vismara, Stefano Pesce, Maurizio Lombardi, Corrado Fortuna, Clotilde Sabatino, Daniela Virgilio, Lia Grieco, Fabio Morici, Anita Kravos, Marcello Mazzarella and Antonio Ferrante.

Produced by Stefano Bethlen for Milano Talent Factory, in association with Claudia Gerini for Attitude and Antonio Baiocco for Big Tree Movie Entertainment, and in association with Christian Candela for Identivisuals and Roberto Righi for ML. While the subject and script are signed by Antonio Baiocco and Fabio Morici, with the collaboration of Claudia Gerini. Creative producer of the project is Fabio Guaglione, story editor is Luca Speranzoni, with the presence of the Main partners Buddy Bank, again Identivisuals and Tecnobody, and the collaboration of Chateau d’Ax.