Taranto 2026, Tizzano: “We want them to be the best Mediterranean Games in history”

“We have a great challenge ahead of us, we finish these Games in the best possible way to immediately start working for the next ones. That of Taranto wants to be the best edition in the history of the Mediterranean Games. We have been working in this direction for some time, aiming in the wake of the appeal of the beginning of 2026, when the Milan-Cortina Winter Olympics will be held ”. This was stated by Davide Tizzano, president of the Confederation of the Mediterranean Games, opening the press conference for the presentation of the Taranto 2026 Games in Oran, Algeria.

Great synergy with Coni as underlined Carlo Mornati, general secretary of the Olympic Committee, speaking of the Apulian event: “There is a great link between our Olympic committee and the events in the Mediterranean, and it is a great honor to host Taranto 2026 in the same year of Milan-Cortina, because it will create the possibility of doing something bigger than a simple sport event “.

” Taranto 2026 is a great sporting event, also important from a cultural and geopolitical point of view. Italy has the task of playing an important role in the Mediterranean area, a role of peace, aggregation and cultural development. The occasion of the Games will be to combine sport with the ancient history of Taranto and the culture of the Mediterranean and the sea that unites us ”, underlined Elio Sannicandro, general director of the organizing committee of the Taranto 2026 Games. “Taranto is the city of the two seas, it will be fantastic to organize rowing, canoeing, sailing competitions … “.

Speaking about the athletes’ village, Sannicandro revealed: ” we have two options. One hypothesis is to use the tourist villages, very beautiful and welcoming, 20-25 km from Taranto. The other hypothesis is to use a cruise ship in the port, so we would have the athletes in the middle of the city and they could move more easily, even with connections by boat. Given the success in Naples for the Universiade, it may be an option to pursue. We are still in the decision-making phase, we will discuss with the International Committee and with the Olympic committees to see the most suitable, suggestive but also more effective solution from the logistical point of view ”.

Finally Tizzano added that “in the events planned for the approach to the Games we want to promote a great rowing competition and invite the biggest crews of the eight, maybe even Oxford and Cambridge so that we can start talking about great sport in Taranto” .