Targetti Ferri (L’Oréal Italia): “Settimo Torinese site excels in sustainability”

Chief Sustainability Officer of L’Oréal Italia, on the sidelines of the 2023 Sustainability Forum

“Settimo Torinese represents a true excellence of L’Oréal Italia within the group, as it is a site that was founded in 1960 but which has had the opportunity to convert itself in terms of sustainability. Today, in fact, it is a highly productive site in world, and restoring it in terms of sustainability was certainly not easy. Thus Simone Targetti Ferri, Chief Sustainability Officer of L’Oréal Italia, on the sidelines of the 2023 Sustainability Forum organized by Comunicazione Italiana in Rome where he illustrated L’Oréal’s commitment in terms of sustainability.

“To date – he explains – Settimo Torinese is an excellence for two reasons: first of all, since 2015 the site has been carbon-neutral and is powered exclusively by renewable energy and mainly by hydroelectric energy. Furthermore, it has contributed through other interventions such as the installation of 14,000 solar panels, its energy efficiency, as well as other very important interventions aimed precisely at reducing consumption.The second strong point of our Settimo Torinese site concerns the Waterloop project: that is, recovering all the water that comes from the plant. To date, in fact, the only virgin waters that are used are those for human consumption, therefore showers and those for the production of primary goods. This highly technological system today allows us to save approximately 40 million cubic meters of water per year. ‘year”.

“Settimo represents an example of sustainability also from a social point of view: in fact, through its inclusion policy, today the site employs people with mental disabilities who work with us daily to be trained and then introduced into the workforce. This is a beautiful example, through the Valemour association, which allows us to give life to L’Oréal’s commitment for the Future, that is, to give work to 100 thousand people by 2030 with difficulties of various kinds”, he concludes.