Tatarella, Meloni: “In democracy and in Europe he was at home”

The leader of Fdi in the preface to the unpublished book by the former vice premier and historical exponent of the Missina right and then An: “Man of intuition and courage”

“I believe that among those who have lived in the world of the Italian right between the second and third millennium, there is not one who has never been displaced by Pinuccio Tatarella. Even if a certain rough publicist wanted to label him as a ‘Forlani of the right’, the truth is that the ‘Minister of Harmony’, certainly very skilled in mediating and guiding parties and parliamentary groups in the perennially troubled waters of politics, was also and above all a man of intuition and courage “. Giorgia Meloni writes it in the preface, which Adnkronos was able to read, to the unpublished book by the former deputy premier of the first Berlusconi government and historical exponent of the Missina right and then An Giuseppe Tatarella who died on February 8, 1999, “The right towards the future. Itinerary of a turning point ”, published by Giubilei Regnani and edited by the Tatarella Foundation.

“In May 1994 – the Fdi leader recalls – on the occasion of a Council of Ministers in Brussels, his Belgian counterpart Elio Di Rupo, a socialist and homosexual, who had already distinguished himself for very unpleasant statements, tried to put him in difficulty with a sort of a list of values ​​that in his opinion Tatarella could not have accepted, because they are “anti-fascists.” Pinuccio gently replied that he subscribed to all those values ​​and wanted to add others, such as the guarantee for the weakest social groups and the right to participation of citizens. Opportunism? Complacency? Definitely not. Tatarella was at home in democracy and in Europe. ”

“With his answer to Di Rupo, and with the reflections that are also contained in this unpublished work, he explained with linearity and clarity that the Italian right no longer wanted to waste time reading itself according to the eyes and distorting lenses of the left. Of course , was helped by his Gascon character, by the proud awareness of his roots and by the instinctive readiness of his intellect. With him our identity found strength in perspective, accompanied us into the future and its challenges. For its origins, for the hateful discrimination to which it was subjected in the Republican age, for its misunderstood defense of tradition and honor, the Italian right had concretely fallen into the risk of the trap of nostalgia and of the revolt against the modern world “.

“In reality, we did not need a lustral bath or a ‘customs clearance’: personalities like Tatarella were straight from the ancient source of Italian patriotism. Risorgimento without rhetoric, confederal Europeanists, Atlanticists without servility, Westerners without uncertainties. a legacy difficult to claim in the long period in which the Tricolore was not exhibited except at the soccer World Cup, the word Patria was considered inappropriate if not obscene and the constitutional arc was united above all by contempt for the State “.

“When corruption and mud made the First Republic collapse (‘the demijohn broke’, commented Tatarella seeing the end of the Christian Democracy) he was the first to understand the new opportunities, even emotional and symbolic, that the time of the majority was offering to our field, with the consequent ‘constitutionalization of extremes’. But it was not a case of a shock on the road to Damascus or the sudden change of pace of a man with extraordinary intuition. It was the linear conclusion – Meloni emphasizes – of a process and of a reflection that began some time ago “.