Tatiana Luna, the “third in contention” between China Suárez and Rusherking, broke the silence

Much has been said after the separation of China Suarez and rusherking. It is that the celebrities looked very much in love and their fans cannot believe this break. A few days after announcing the separation, the singer took a picture with Tatiana Luna, the representative of Uruguay for Miss World, and the rumors of romance were not long in coming. That is why the beautiful young woman gave an exclusive interview with PrimiciasYa to clarify what happened.

“Not only is what some media and people in networks have said is nonsense, by linking me sentimentally with rusherking, but some communicators have seen the opportunity to play with false news and act in bad faith” he began by saying. And she spoke about the fact in question: “I went to that event with the production team to make notes to all the artists, since I was summoned to work on a new TV project. That’s why several media people were placed in the back of the concert.”

Tatiana explained that the former China Suarez He was not the only famous person in the place: “We were with the DJs. with Fernando Cristino, there were photographers, the normal thing. In the intervals we took photos with the artists, I did it with Ángela (Torres), with Anto (Lima) with Dj Flow, and also with Rusherking, like several of us who were there. I uploaded the photo to my networks as surely others did there.

Rusherking and China Suárez. Source: Instagram @sangrejaponesa and @rusherking

Miss World revealed the odyssey she experienced after sharing the image: “A few hours later I began to see aggressive comments, from followers, I don’t know if they were from the singer or from china suarez, with a very unpleasant tone, and some asking if we were dating. A nonsense that I take advantage of to deny flatly. But my greatest surprise was when I saw that some communicators began to give “color” to fake news, taking advantage of the separation of Rusherking and China Suarez, as if I were the third in discord.”

China Suárez and Ruisherking. Source: Instagram @sangrejaponesa

Tatiana He said that the media intervened in his family life, which got out of hand: “They began to call me from various media to ask me and want to make a note, I told them that what they were saying was outrageous, until they began to call my family. Some of my dad’s shop customers even asked him if it was true.” “I repeat, I only uploaded a photo on my networks with the singer, then I found out that someone made a recording with a cell phone, when I approached him to tell him that we were waiting to make the note, that was all. And with those 5 seconds they put together false news. I don’t know rusherkingI had never seen him in my life, I just talked for a few seconds, we took a picture and nothing else “he concluded.