Tatiana Navka, “Peskov’s wife on vacation in Tel Aviv”

This was reported by Ynet, explaining that he had received the news from the ‘Israeli Friends of Ukraine’ association

While Russia continues to bomb Ukraine and despite increasingly severe sanctions, the wife of the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov would be on vacation in Tel Aviv these days. She reports it Ynet, explaining that she received the news from the ‘Israeli Friends of Ukraine’ association.

The presence of Tatiana Navka, two-time world champion in figure skating and winner of the 2006 Olympics in Turin, comes at a delicate moment in relations between Israel and Russia. The government of Tel Aviv, after criticism for a certain reticence shown so far in militarily supporting Kiev, seems to have broken the delay with the recent words of Nachman Shai, Israeli minister for the Diaspora, who declared that “the time has come for provide military assistance to Ukraine, as the United States and NATO countries do “. He obviously did not like words in Moscow, with former president Medvedev threatening a break in relations.

Navka would be staying at the Kempinski Hotel, a five-star beachfront Tel Aviv hotel with $ 1,700-a-night suites. In March, the former champion was included by the US Treasury Department in the list of Russian citizens under sanctions for her husband as part of the measures taken against leaders and officials of Moscow for the invasion of Ukraine. In June Nakva also came under sanctions by the EU. “Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war still find it difficult to enter Israel, but Putin’s spokesperson’s wife is in Israel without any problems,” Anna Zarov, founder of the ‘Israeli Friends of Ukraine’ association, commented to Ynet.