Tax, faster repayment times in 2022: that’s why

Revenue Agency: 3.4 million payments, the highest figure ever

More tax refunds disbursed to households and businesses but above all much faster, within about ten days. The Revenue Agency informs that the effects of the simplification of the automated payment processes set up by the Agency are starting to be felt, which can now directly carry out transfers to the current accounts of the beneficiaries: thanks to the innovation introduced, it reports that the time required to credit the sums to taxpayers were reduced by about 30 days. Furthermore, as a result of the ‘Tax simplifications’ decree (n. 73/2022), payments to the heirs of the refunds due to deceased taxpayers have also been automated.

In 2022, reimbursements were almost 3.4 million, about 150 thousand more than in 2021 (+4.5%): it is the highest figure ever. The total amount, on the other hand, amounts to 20 billion euros, almost 2 billion more than in 2021 (+9.8%). 96% of payments concern personal income tax refunds, for a value of 2.7 billion (+8% compared to 2021). In the VAT sector, over 90,000 businesses, artisans and professionals (+6.7%) received refunds of approximately 15.5 billion (+5.5%). For businesses, VAT refunds must be added to around 6,000 direct tax refunds (for a countervalue of 1.2 billion) and over 7,000 deriving from Irap deductibility (just under 300 million euros).

The Revenue Agency also reports 1.5 billion euros disbursed to almost 2 million taxpayers without an employer who presented the 730 model by September 2022. In practice, even those who lost their jobs still received the refund in time short directly from the Agency. To notify taxpayers of the payment, in addition to the notifications via the AgenziaEntrate app, during the year the Agency sent over 400,000 text messages to those who had provided their mobile phone number in the reserved area of ​​the Revenue website for receive notifications from the tax authorities.