Tax reform, how compliance and payment deadlines will change from 2024

The legislative decree on the simplification of tax obligations has been published in the Official Journal and, among the new features, the new timetable starting from 2024 is official. A focus on the main changes

Legislative decree no. 1 of 8 January 2024 redesigns the calendar of tax deadlines.

With the publication in the Official Journal of the decree on the tax reform regarding deadlines and obligations, the terms relating to the tax return change, but not only.

The sending of the Income form is brought forward by two months and moves to September 30, aligning with the provisions regarding the 730 form.

There is also news on the ISA compliance front and the launch of the pre-compiled declaration for VAT numbers has been confirmed.

Tax reform, news on the 2024 tax return deadlines

The tax return is one of the obligations at the center of Legislative Decree no. 1/2024, published in the Official Journal of 12 January.

The times foreseen for sending the annual report have changed and also for the Income form, like what is foreseen for the 730 form, the electronic transmission must take place by 30 September instead of 30 November.

Less time available for preparing the tax return starting from 2024, and therefore already in relation to the sums relating to the tax period just concluded.

Still on the income declaration front, the legislative decree on the simplification of obligations provides that for 2024 the software for compiling the ISA, the “entrepreneur’s report card”, will be made available by the Revenue Agency within the month of April. From 2025 the deadline will be 15 March, with a further advance in order to facilitate VAT holders in compiling and transmitting data.

Standardized deadlines not only on the deadlines for sending, but also on those for the payment of taxes emerging from the tax return: those who opt for payment in installments will have to comply by the 16th of each month and a new deadline is added, that of 16 December.

The pre-compiled tax return for VAT numbers is now available: online by 30 April 2024

Start confirmed also for the pre-compiled tax return for VAT numbers. From 2024, the Revenue Agency will make the online model available on an experimental basis by 30 April.

The tax return will be prepared using data and information available in the Tax Registry archives, from income to deductible expenses transmitted by third parties.

Mobile deadlines for withholdings and VAT

There is also news on the front of periodic payments for VAT numbers and withholding taxes. The terms relating to VAT and IRPEF withholdings on the income of self-employed workers become mobile and are linked to the amount due.

In both cases, if the amount to be paid for the month or quarter of reference does not exceed the threshold of 100 euros, it will be possible to defer the payment to the following period.

Then comes the possibility of accumulating the payments due, without prejudice to the deadline for compliance set at 16 December of the reference year.

News also for condominiums that operate as tax withholding agents: the deadlines for cumulative payments move to 16 June and 16 December, compared to the deadlines of 30 June and 20 December foreseen until 2023 by article 25-ter , paragraph 2-bis of Presidential Decree no. 600/1973.

Tax truce in August and December: the news regarding the deadlines for tax controls from 2024

There is also news on the tax controls front. With the exception of cases of non-deferrability and urgency, from 1st to 31st August as well as from 1st to 31st December the sending of documents from the Revenue Agency will be suspended.

The summer and Christmas truce will apply to the results of automated checks and formal checks and to good-natured warnings. Also stop the notices of the outcomes regarding the settlement of taxes due on income subject to separate taxation and the compliance letters from the Revenue Agency.