Tax wedge cut, Calderone: commitment and prudence for incomes over 35 thousand euros

“With the manoeuvre, we confirmed the two cutting points, today with all the resources available we have returned to the topic”, said the Minister of Labour. Today he will be a guest of Sky Tg24 Economia at 17:15

The government has another objective: to extend the cut in the tax wedge at the fixed time until the end of 2023. The Minister of Labour, Marina Calderone said: “With the maneuver we confirmed the two cutting points, today with all the resources at provision we returned to the topic.The further four points ensure that for those with incomes of up to 25 thousand euros there is a reduction of about 70% of the contribution levy.For those with an income of up to 35 thousand euros there is 60%. The commitment is to work to create the conditions to make this intervention structural. There must be a situation that allows it. We must act with prudence and pay attention to the accounts”, his words to Radio24. Calderone spoke of commitment and prudence also on the possibility of cuts in contributions for incomes exceeding 35 thousand euros. (HOW LONG LASTS THE WEDGE CUT – SIMULATION)

“Stable work must be accepted throughout Italy”

Furthermore, where there is an open-ended job offer which provides for compliance with collective agreements, the scope of observation and therefore of research is the national one: “If the contract is fixed-term – added Calderone – the scope is more limited, within 80 kilometers of the residence”. And again: “Our goal, he said, is to be able to bring as many people as possible to work in a short time, also because we have strong requests from companies that are in need at the moment”.