Taxi, Barillari: “After an endless wait at Termini I took photos”

The king of paparazzi at Adnkronos

(by Enzo Bonaiuto) – “Tragic situationwith increasingly angry people and with lots of tourists with whom we make a fool of ourselves as a capital…”. Rino Barillari, the ‘king of the paparazzi’ interviewed by Adnkronos, does not mince his words in ‘photographing’ the level of taxi service in Rome. “The last example is enough: the other time I was in Termini, there were hundreds of people waiting and I’m not exaggerating. In the end, after an hour and a quarter, I left the queue, gave up on taking the taxi and… I started taking photos: the only thing I could do…“, says the famous Roman photographer.

“Now it’s become difficult to even call a taxi: you stay there for half an hour listening to the music and the answering machine and then the call cuts off and you stay there like a… oh well, I don’t want to say any more bad words! – Barillari is ‘self-censoring’ – And then, they take a long time to arrive even when the taxi rank is close, they take the wrong route on purpose to take longer itineraries and make the taximeter run. Thus, it is inevitable that the streets of Rome become filled with people who even ride two or three on a scooter…”.