Taxi: Cacchione (Usb): “we will continue with protest initiatives, we need concrete facts”

For the coordinator of the Usb Taxi, “the excerpt of article 8 of the bill must necessarily arrive. On this point there is no possible mediation”

After the strike of November 24, taxi drivers will continue to be heard in the coming weeks until the implementing decrees of 2019 are issued. “After the success of the strike, other initiatives will come. It is not necessarily said that it will be another strike but they could there are flash mobs, assemblies and even conferences to raise public awareness and politics on our problems “. This was stated at Adnkronos by the coordinator of the Usb Taxi, Riccardo Cacchione, announcing that “within the next week the coordination grouping the representatives of the category will meet again to decide the next steps of the protest”. This protest will continue “until concrete signals arrive”.

“It is not a question of a hit and go”: with the strike, he explains, “we have only struck the first blow. We want to keep the tension high”. For Cacchione, in fact, “the excerpt of article 8 of the competition bill must necessarily arrive. There is no mediation possible on this point. There are no adjustments to be made. The only solution is to conclude the process started in 2019”.

After the protest of November 24, observes the coordinator of the Usb Taxi, “some timid signs have arrived”. The decisions, explains Cacchione, “cannot be taken only by the Prime Minister Mario Draghi, even the parliament must be able to have its say in the face of a provision of this type that not only affects the workers in the category but also local authorities. only large multinationals to the detriment of essential public service “.