Taxi Roma, Urso: “You learn from Veltroni about Gualtieri licenses”

The Minister for Business and Made in Italy interviewed by the director of Adnkronos Davide Desario at the Fdi convention in Brucoli (Syracuse)

The spotlight is always on on taxi licenses in Rome. “The Municipality of Rome, 17 years ago, held a competition with Mayor Veltroni. And Veltroni gave a thousand licenses for free – said the Minister for Business and Made in Italy Adolfo Urso interviewed by Adnkronos director Davide Desario at the Fdi convention in Brucoli (Syracuse) – Today Gualtieri tells me that he cannot apply the law because he has to give up 20% of the licenses. But how? Veltroni did it, and today with an emergency like the one in Rome they expect to make money on that emergency. Learn from Veltroni! I’m not saying from one of ours, but from one of them“.

The quick reply came fromCouncilor for Mobility of Rome Capital Eugenio Patanè. “Minister Urso, instead of taking it out on the mayors, should re-read the provision that he has just had approved and which does not respond at all to the real needs of taxi drivers and municipal administrations. And in the case of Rome, don’t bring up the licenses issued by Veltroni’s administration, because those notices were from 2004, long before the Bersani Law which introduced onerous licenses with 20% reserved for municipalities; precisely taking into account an AgCom report which highlighted the usefulness of guaranteeing municipalities a percentage capable of helping them to support the many public expenses linked to the increase in licenses and therefore taxis”, writes Patanè in a note.

“In 2006 – continues Patanè – the Veltroni Council then scrolled through the old ranking for another thousand licences, those to which the Minister refers, leading to an overall increase of 2500 licences. Furthermore, it also planned a new tender for a further over a thousand licences. between 2008 and 2009, precisely by applying the Bersani Law. But in 2008 Alemanno became Mayor who, as Urso will remember, blocked everything”.