Taxi, the government plan: the proposals on the table

From the release by the Municipalities within a predetermined deadline of an additional license to the super concessions for electric cars: the measures proposed to the category by Urso and Salvini

Sui Taxi comes the government plan, with the proposals that the Ministers of Enterprise and that of InfrastructureAdolfo Urso and Matteo Salvini, have put on the discussion table with the trade organizations. Issue by the Municipalities, within a predetermined period, of an additional license to each holder who requests it and who has the requisites provided for by current legislation; measures to deal with peaks in demand linked to major events or tourist flows above the seasonal average, with the possibility for Municipalities to issue additional temporary licenses, for those who already hold a licence, for operating the taxi service; measures aimed at simplifying the pre-existing mechanism of the double guides. These are some of the proposals, a joint Mimit-Mit note explains, underlining that they are “system measures” aimed, with a view to maximum sharing, “at identifying an organic solution based on efficiency and transparency in towards citizens, fairness for taxi drivers and respect for market rules”. The goal, the note continues, is to “find reasonable and fully satisfactory solutions”

Furthermore, as part of the general review of the eco-bonus, also with a view to green transition, the ministers announced, the Mimit-Mit note continues, “that they wish to provide increased concessions for the purchase of electric or hybrid cars to be allocated to new licenses or to those who intend to replace their taxi.

“On some points the need to speed up seems to me to be shared”, while on the hypothesized doubling of the license “additional reflection is obviously necessary”, he then clarified, according to MIT sources, the deputy premier and minister Salvini at the table with the taxi driver representatives.

“The implementing decrees concerning taxis and NCC, which have been awaited for years, will become reality as soon as possible”, assured the minister, confirming “the determination to make the service more efficient, above all in the light of the increase in tourism also for exceptional events such as the Olympics or Jubilee”.

“It is useless to deny that there are aspects to improve, the intention is to study solutions together. I hope there will be availability on the part of everyone ”, he continues anticipating, MIT sources continue, which will continue the dialogue with local authorities starting with municipalities and regions.

“We want to enhance those who act in our country and, if anything, curb and oppose the large multinationals. Uber certainly too”, he said the Minister of Enterprise Urso on the edge of the table.