Taxi, unions ready to strike: “Decree should not be converted into law”

The Unica CGIL note while the CDM is underway which must examine the Asset and Investment Decree which in particular provides for a rule to increase licenses. Unione Radiotaxi Italiani: “Dl is wrong aim, forced to act accordingly”. Sources: “In dl up to 20% more licenses, excluding cumulation of definitive licenses”

“This decree thus made must not be converted into law”: “general strike and mobilization will be our response”. To state it in a note is Unica CGIL while the CDM is underway which must examine the Asset and Investment Decree which in particular provides for a rule to increase Taxi licenses.

“Unica CGIL will neither support nor collude with governments and ministers, who want to destroy the public service. Today two ministers should have presented: Dpcm on the regulation of the use of technological platforms and the decrees on the Ren (National Business Register) and on the Ncc service; instead they are absent that cannot be justified. Instead of tackling and working to solve the structural problems of scheduled public transport, they find the time and commit state apparatuses to dismantle law 21/92”, underlines Unica CGIL.

“The real goal is only to dismantle the public taxi service, to provide cars and drivers at the service of the new illegal hiring managed by multinationals”, concludes Unica CGIL.

“There are too many criticisms of the method and content of the draft law decree. We have been called to evaluate a text that is not supplied, it is undoubtedly a novelty in trade union relations which certainly does not lead to consensus on the method, but if the text that will be approved by the Council of Ministers will correspond to the indications summarily provided, it will also be impossible for us to obtain consensus on the merits”. This was stated by Loreno Bittarelli, president of Uri, Union of Italian Radio Taxis.

“The political and legal responsibility for the functional deficiencies of the service in the major Italian cities are exclusively attributable to the planning failures of the Municipalities, which should have and should have also intervened following the guidelines of the Art. While, the legislative decree is wrong in aiming, and instead of intervening on the defaulting Municipalities, intervenes with a ‘Marketing’ Decree which copies and pastes the Bersani Decree, eliminating the only guarantee of a serious and concrete investigation aimed at issuing new licenses entrusted to the Art by the 2011 law and compensates the taxi drivers with the double license – which they don’t want – because it goes against the fundamental and untouchable principle of Law 21/92, reopening the way to ‘ownership’. All within an hour of the Council of Ministers, with only technical interlocution and the uncertain perspective of the parliamentary passage of the conversion of the legislative decree, net of the risk of the Confidence. Luckily it was a ‘friendly government’! We will inevitably be forced to act accordingly”.


For the taxi sector, it is established that metropolitan cities, capitals and municipalities hosting international airports can announce the extraordinary competition, up to an increase of 20% compared to existing licenses, open to new operators, with a faster, more certain and simplified, compared to the previous regulatory framework. The hypothesis of cumulation of definitive licenses is excluded. Similar simplifications and accelerations for procedures relating to temporary licenses, extendable for 24 months. This is what is contained in the Asset Decree, according to government sources.

For the purchase of the taxis necessary for the exercise of the new licenses, the same sources explain, the eco-bonus will be doubled, the same benefit recognized to the Nccs. Finally, the double guide tool is de-bureaucratized to deal with tourist peaks with maximum efficiency and simplicity for operators.