Taxi, USB and Orsa: “No to multinationals”

“We are now at the point of ridicule, the winks between the Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy Adolfo Urso and the councilor for mobility Eugenio Patanè paint a truly grotesque picture of Italian politics. On the one hand, a government minister co-responsible for the delays regarding the completion of sector legislation which, rather than committing itself to the extent of its competence, approaches the problem by taking it ‘from the feet’. On the other, a councilor who tries to sweep the dust under the carpet in the face of apocalyptic city mobility. It is almost trivial to recall to these modern ‘cats and foxes’ that the public taxi service has different functions (complementary and supplementary) with respect to the responsibilities that one tries to assign to them”. Thus in a joint note Usb Taxi and Orsa Taxi regarding the issue of taxi services in Rome.

“The taxi drivers have no intention of abdicating their function and their rights, to end up overwhelmed by these dramas. – the acronyms affirm – But once again we take the opportunity to address the registers of the show, or the Multinationals, which behind the scenes they prepare the moves for the attack on taxi drivers: “We are not willing to make agreements, nor will we take steps backwards. All multinationals must be excluded from the public service”.