Taxman, Meloni: “There are no amnesties, everyone pays what is due”

“The only files removed are those older than 7 years and less than a thousand euros, it is convenient for the State”

”I’ve read about amnesties… There is no amnesty in the budget law”. The prime minister assured it Giorgia Meloni at the press conference at the end of the year, assuring that ”everyone pays their due”. ”The only files removed are those more than 7 years old and less than a thousand euros, trivially because it is convenient for the state. We want to imagine a new type of dialogue with taxpayers but absolutely without favoring tax evasion”, he underlines.

“On the matter of the cash ceiling, they told us that we want to encourage tax evasion. The cash ceiling – Meloni underlines – either you have it at European level or you are penalizing your system: Germany and Austria do not have it. It is a question of removing penalizing or useless regulations, such as the ceiling on cash, for the fight against tax evasion”.

With the Flat tax “there is no discrimination”, says Meloni, explaining: “There are studies that demonstrate it, the extension of the flat tax for the self-employed does not discriminate against employees. It is proven. Why the self-employed he pays the contributions himself, does not set aside the severance pay, has none of the right, legitimate protections of employees”.

“We are trying to create a level playing field. Workers must have the same opportunities and rights, regardless of the activity and work they carry out”, explained the Prime Minister.

And again: “I confirm that on the subject of tax reform we intend to move forward according to guidelines that are quite visible in the maneuver, such as budget items”, says the premier. The first “major issue” to work on, according to the Prime Minister, is “cutting the cost of labour: much more needs to be done on this”, Meloni underlines. The signal given by the government “was very expensive, increasing the cut in the tax wedge by one point”.

“Our legislature goal is to cut the tax wedge by 5 points” but “whether we manage to do more or less, it will depend on the situation we face”, he says. The government is also working on “taxation that increasingly encourages those who get involved” by introducing “reward mechanisms for those who create wealth and work. The more you hire, the less you pay”, summarizes the prime minister.

“The second major objective that already emerges from some choices made – continues Meloni – is a taxation that takes into account the composition of the family nucleus, the number of dependent children. The story of the birth rate – to which we have allocated one and a half billion – is an absolute priority. It is an economic matter. We are in a situation in which our welfare system cannot hold up in the medium term”.

As for the land registry reform, “a mapping can easily be done to improve the knowledge we have of Italian constructions, but surely an increase in taxation on homes will never come from this government”, assures the president. “The house is a sacred property which cannot be attached, which cannot be taxed”.