Taxman, Meloni: “We don’t do amnesties”

The premier: “The first objective is to lower taxes, repression alone is not enough”

“The most effective way to fight is to have fair taxes, from a State that proves to be a friend. Repression alone is not enough”. So Giorgia Meloni, in a direct social media for ‘Giorgia’s notes’. “The opposition says we have provided for an amnesty, but we don’t make any condons“, explains Meloni speaking of the rules on non-payment in a live social media for ‘Giorgia’s notes’.

In the decree approved by the CDM “there is also a rule that extends the deadlines for regularizing one’s position to those who have a dispute”, recalls the premier. “There is a provision that adapts the criminal provisions to our tax truce, there has been a lot of confusion, the opposition says that we have introduced a criminal tax amnesty, it is false, we remit we don’t make any,” Meloni insists.With the tax break, installments are foreseen and we adapt this rule, establishing that the process remains suspended until the Revenue Agency says that you are paying the installments regularly”.

“At the end of this work we will have a new taxafter 50 years, the last reform was made before I was born”, he underlines. “The first goal is to lower taxes”, he adds.

DEAR ENERGY – “Over 100,000 jobs have been created, it’s an excellent sign of confidence, the effect of the work done to combat high energy costs. Energy tariffs – explains Meloni – have dropped by 55%, and we have now confirmed the VAT reduction and the social bonus for families with the lowest incomes”.

PROCUREMENT – On the subject of tenders “a database of tenders will be set up, which replaces the infinity of documents, now enough with the no, when an institution says no it will have to say what the solution is”, explains the premier. “The credit line threshold of 150,000 euros belongs to the Conte government and was later confirmed by Draghi, we have simply made this rule stable”, recalls the premier.

HEALTHCARE – “Thanks to the latest government measure, there will be more police officers in almost two hundred hospitals, and it is obviously the very first part of an overall reform that we want to implement on healthcare so that citizens can once again trust Italian public hospitals”, underlines the Prime Minister. “The government – he recalls – has allocated over one billion euros to autonomous regions and provinces, to limit the impact of payback in medical devices and to strengthen emergency rooms because the scenes of degradation, abandonment, confusion that we sometimes see in a difficult time in our lives, that is, when emergency healthcare needs are not tolerable, then we have decided to increase the salaries and overtime resources of emergency room doctors. We have decided to limit the possibility that those who work in the public let the so-called self-employed doctors do it easily and at the same time also in the private sector and we have decided to introduce more severe penalties for those who attack health workers”, adds Meloni, underlining how “it has also become intolerable that workers who do delicate and difficult work to save the lives of other people they must also fear for their own safety”.

FOOD – “Italian cuisine is a candidate for UNESCO heritage, I’m happy about it, we are a food superpower” because “we are threatened by large lobbies who would like to standardize everything”. Thus Giorgia Meloni, in a live social for ‘Giorgia’s notes’. “Food produced by insects arrives on the shelves, we tell the citizens with a beautiful visible label, it will have to indicate if there is insect flour. We are the first nation that has decided to ban the production of synthetic food, we were the first but who knows if someone doesn’t follow us”, he remembers. “We don’t want to ban, but we want to defend the health of citizens,” she underlines.