Taylor Lautner opened up for the first time about how bad her body felt in Twilight

The actor Taylor Lautner, known for his role in the “Twilight” saga, has spoken about the problems he had with his body image during his participation in the franchise. Lautner was between the ages of 16 and 20 during filming and his character, Jacob Black, was known for constantly removing his shirt.

For the sequel, “New Moon”, she had to gain 16 kilos in a very short time, which affected her body and health. Despite having ended the franchise in 2012, Taylor Lautner He has said that he is still affected by the pressure he had to endure at the time and acknowledges that his body was not natural in the film. On social media, even after finishing “Twilight”, they compared his torso in the film with his appearance in other films, which plunged him into a feeling of revulsion towards his own body. Lautner has defended his current appearance and has said that he has found a balance in his life.

“And what happens if you don’t want to see a gym or paint? Well, you start to lose your abs. And I started to have a more normal body,” he added. “I remember it was very painful one of the first times I saw how it was perceived on the Internet. I was shooting a movie called Run The Tide, and my character is neither a bodybuilder nor a muscular guy. And I thought I looked good.” , said Taylor Lautner.

And he continued his analysis by saying: “However, in the networks they put his frame “without a shirt and in the ocean” in this film on one side and on the other side a scene from the Twilight saga: “They said ‘Wow, how has he left go’. And I was like ‘Come on. Is this really letting go?’ I didn’t look bad at all. Those images hurt me.” Today he can be seen very differently, looking happy with his wife in Instagram.

Finally, Taylor Lautner He reflected: “I’m back to being healthy, but to get my body back to that physical condition, I needed my mind to heal first. Your body may look amazing. You can be fit, on the tablet or whatever. You can lose weight, gain muscle, ok, but, if your mental health is not good, all that is useless because it will play against you”