Taylor Swift and Matty Healy, the story would have already ended (after just one month)

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A few weeks after the spread of the news of their attendance,Taylor Swift and Matty Healy have returned to fill the pages of gossip with the details of their breakup. Second tmz extension the two singers would be already said goodbye but the separation, this time, would not upset the pop star. For the well informed, this love story has never had great importance.

The reasons for the end of the love story

Taylor Swift is single againto the delight of his fans and admirers who had never judged too positively theaffair between their darling and the frontman of The 1975.
Rumors of the breakup, spread by tmz extension and resumed from Page Six and other industry media, would have been confirmed by a statement from a source close to the singer who explained to Etonline that between the two there was no compatibilitynot just character. The reference is to the diaries of the two artists, who are actually very busy (especially Swift) with their careers and their respective tours. However, the separation would not have been traumatic since, according to the source, Swift was just having fun with Healy and this breakup would have nothing to do with the one with Joe Alwin, the British actor with whom the singer of All Too Well he had broached the subject of marriage.
So how are the English pop star and singer doing? Well, at least apparently, even if he did seem shaken during his last live show he’s been on kissed a security guard that he was working stageside (which didn’t surprise fans since kissing a random person would be Healy’s habit during concerts).
Taylor Swift, who is busy with her megagalactic The Eras Tourit would have succumbed to emotion during one of his emotionally intense songs. In any case, some are quick to swear the tears weren’t for Healy.

Taylor Swift fans versus Matty Healy

Taylor Swift and Matty Healy have been a couple for several weeks but their harmony was not enough to convince the American pop star to start a new stable relationship. Although the two singers spent practically every free moment together from their respective tour dates, both would soon realize that this particularly busy season was not the best to give hope to their young love.
Swift and Healy have known each other for several years and already in 2014, at the time of their first meeting, they had approached for a short time. When in early May they were caught together by photographers in New York for the press it was a sort of backfire.
Nothing dramatic, however, nor remotely similar to what the Pennsylvania singer-songwriter has experienced in her love life, dotted with short and long relationships that have inspired (among other things) a good part of her musical production.
At the moment the only ones to breathe a sigh of relief are the fansalready normally very protective of Swift, lately worried about the proximity of the singer to the leader of The 1975, considered a more than controversial character.

In a open letter appeared online, fans had urged Taylor Swift to take a stand against her partner’s actions in the past for questionable actions, such as giving the Nazi salute on stage, and also voiced racist statements against the rapper Ice Spice. Swift hasn’t commented openly on the letter, but her breakup with the singer could be seen as a possible response to the whole thorny situation.