Taylor Swift becomes a political influencer: thanks to her 23% more voters for USA 2024

As we know, on the occasion of National Voter Registration Day, Taylor Swift urged fans to register on the Vote.org platform to express their preferences in the American presidential elections and it seems to have definitely hit the mark. In fact, the invitation was accepted by registering a record traffic: 13 thousand new aspiring voters every half hour. “A number that Taylor would be proud of,” commented Andrea Hailey, the CEO of the organization whose aim is to bring Americans to the polls with their credentials.

record numbers

In the US you have to register to vote and this is one of the reasons for the low voter turnout. The 35 thousand registered future voters thanks to the push of Taylor, winner of nine statuettes at the latest MTV Video Music Awards, they are 23% more than those collected last year in the last campaign of the National Voter Registration Day, which in turn was the highest number since the year of the highly contested 2020 elections, when 66% of those entitled to vote voted, a record since 1900. The increase was dramatic among the 18 year olds: the newly registered number was more than 115% compared to last year. In 2023, eight million young Americans will reach voting age: many are among the 272 million who follow Taylor on Instagram. The singer revealed that she became interested in politics during the Trump presidency, a watershed moment that brought her closer to Democrats. Before, she explained, she preferred to stay above the parties. The new result is the first after a summer spent collecting records: at the end of August the singer became the first female artist to collect one hundred million plays a month on Spotify.