Taylor Swift donated two concert tickets to Selena Gomez’s auction

Lately Taylor Swift we have often seen her alongside Sophie Turner, fresh from her divorce from Joe Jonas (PHOTO). However, the 33-year-old from Pennsylvania does not forget her “old” friends. She close to Selena Gomez For over 15 years, Taylor has chosen to support its auction in favor of Rare Impact Fund, the association founded by Gomez herself to support people suffering from mental health problems. To do this, she donated two tickets for his Eras Tour.

Two tickets sold at record prices

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour immediately revealed itself to be much more than a tour. Celebration of music, factory of fashion trends, brought the singer closer to the status of billionaire. And its concert film, has already reached $100 million in pre-sales. Having a ticket to attend one of the stages therefore means participating in an event of global importance, in a historic stage of international music. Regardless of how much of a fan you are of Swift’s songs. It is no surprise that the two tickets donated for the charity auction organized by Selena Gomez were sold for 15,000 dollars.

Held in Hollywood, the benefit gala was hosted by Martin ShortSelena and Steve Martin’s colleague in Only Murders In The Building.

The starting price was $5,000but there were so many offers that they tripled the starting price.

A lifelong friendship

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez have been friends since 2008, when they were both teenagers and hanging out with the Jonas Brothers. In the following years Selena had a long love affair with Justin Bieberwho went on to marry Alec Baldwin’s niece, Hailey, in 2018. The month after her ex-fiancé’s wedding, Gomez suffered a nervous breakdown linked to lupus, beginning extensive therapy to resolve her problems with mental health. As she herself explained, over the years she has been diagnosed with multiple conditions: bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression. Hence, the decision to found the Rare Impact Fund.

The objective of the association, part of Selena Gomez’s commitment to mental health and self-acceptance, is to collect 100 million dollars over the next ten yearsto help young people around the world access all levels of education and mental health services.

As part of this commitment, 1% of all sales of Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez is donated to the Rare Impact Fund.