Teaching weapons at school, the Fazzolari project is a coincidence: he denies it

The Undersecretary to the Prime Minister (FdI) denies what was reported by the newspaper La Stampa. The oppositions are critical: according to Nicola Fratoianni of the Italian Left, the idea is “singular and hallucinating”. For Alfonso Maria Gallo of +Europa in this way the aim is to “teach our young people to be skilled gunslingers”. Salvini: “It doesn’t seem like an enlightened idea to me”

The article published on becomes an accident The print and concerning the undersecretary to the Prime Minister Giovanbattista Fazzolari, who – according to what was written by the Turin newspaper – said these words to General Franco Federici, military adviser to the Prime Minister: “We have to draw up a table for a shooting teaching project in schools. There is a whole network of associations that can be involved and put in contact with the world of schools. There are very passionate and talented kids who do it in their free time. There is no structure and official recognition”. Also according to what was reported by the newspaper, Federici would have welcomed the idea and would have proposed to “organize a meeting” with the various interested parties. While criticism rains down from the opposition, the undersecretary denies it.

The denial

“The article that appeared today in the newspaper The print in which it is claimed that I would like to ‘teach shooting in schools’ is ridiculous and unfounded. The chat between me and General Federici, military adviser to President Meloni, whom the journalist of The print he thinks he got it like a scoop, it was about something else entirely. The need to provide more resources for the training of the Armed Forces and Police Forces and beyond this the hypothesis of providing a privileged recruitment channel in these bodies of the State for athletes of sports disciplines reputedly related, even if not Olympic, such as skydiving, mountaineering and shooting disciplines. Two measures on which we will work as soon as possible”, said the senator of the Brothers of Italy. Fazzolari also intends to take legal action against the newspaper. This was reported by sources close to the exponent of the Brothers of Italy. The lawsuit, the same sources, refers precisely to the article published by the Turin newspaper.

The oppositions: “Serious message”

The background, although clearly denied, nevertheless ignites the criticisms of the oppositions. A “serious” message, a “trigger-happy right”. And again: “A clamor of weapons” or “here are the priorities for Meloni’s school” up to those who wonder “when are the Saturday rallies”. The treasurer of +Europa, Alfonso Maria Gallo, sees the idea of ​​introducing target shooting as a school sport as something “to teach our young people to be skilled gunslingers. Not engineers, not doctors, not Latin scholars, historians or scientists : gunslingers”. “With all due respect to the sporting discipline of target shooting – also asks the group leader of the dem in the Senate Simona Malpezzi – but is the priority of the right for education really teaching children to use weapons? Valditara clarifies”. “Have you mistaken the government of the country for a Fuan assembly?”, the deputy secretary of the Democratic Party Peppe Provenzano intervenes with a tweet, announcing a parliamentary question on the subject. “We lacked the undersecretary to the Prime Minister who proposes to increase the teaching of target shooting in schools: it must be said, a real and heartfelt priority for Italian families”, jokes the group leader of Azione-Italia Viva at the Chamber, Matteo Richetti, underlining that “the real emergency is to stop spewing nonsense because the legislature is still long”. “Singular and hallucinating”, for the secretary of the Italian Left, Nicola Fratoianni, the idea of ​​the number two by Giorgia Meloni who registers on the school “first the formative humiliation of Valditara, then the school-work alternation at the military bases, now this. All while military spending returns to unrestrained growth”.

Salvini: “Shooting at school doesn’t seem like an enlightened idea”

In the meantime, the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, also intervenes on the matter: “It doesn’t seem enlightened to me as an idea”, he commented on Radio Capital. “With all the love and support for sport shooting, ranges, passion, sport and business, I am working as a minister to bring road safety education to schools because 3,000 road deaths a year is too many. More that shooting – says Salvini – I would bring road safety education into the classroom, I would forget about shooting education”.