Tear along the edges, Zerocalcare: “Second season? If I can survive”

Halfway between the desire to try again and the most classic of “who made me do it”. Zerocalcare seems to feel this way after the success (and controversy) of his TV series Tear off along the edges. The Roman cartoonist has received a lot of praise (READ OUR REVIEW) and his animated series has quickly become the most viewed Netflix content (also visible on Sky Q and via the app on NOW Smart Stick) in Italy, but there have been critics, between those who did not appreciate the story in six episodes and those who claim they did not really understand it due to the use of Roman dialect.


Interviewed by The messenger, Zerocalcare spoke of the hypothesis of a second season: “Since the series came out, my life has become so unlivable that either I find a centering, or I don’t want to be engulfed in the midst of controversy. There is nothing in the world that forces me to do this. It’s up to me. Anyway, if I find a way to survive I will also do the second season ”. In short, the hope of the fans is that Michele Rech resists the controversy and retains the desire to continue his path in animation.


As for the criticisms, Zerocalcare said he was willing to listen to them and accept them, rejecting one in particular, the one about the Roman style: “The series can be criticized for a thousand reasons: it can be bad, it could be that my acting is inadequate . But the question of Roman dialect is ridiculous, it is not even worth discussing. Anyone who is able to go grocery shopping alone can understand Tear along the edges. The other people are either in bad faith, or they need a pretext to go to the newspapers ”.