Tech.Emotion, the docuseries on the excellence of Italy: WATCH THE SIXTH EPISODE

Technology combined with emotions to tell the characteristics of excellence of Italy through 27 protagonists of entrepreneurship, sport, fashion, culture, design, cuisine, academia who guide the viewer on an engaging journey full of stimuli for the future. It is on this basis that the docuseries “Tech.Emotion – Empower Human Potential” by Emotion Network in collaboration with Facebook and co-produced by Lotus Production was created, broadcast starting from Monday 18 October at 8.30 pm on Sky Arte and every Wednesday at 9.30 pm on Sky TG24, available on demand and streaming on NOW (THE FIRST EPISODE – THE SECOND EPISODE – THE THIRD EPISODE). The sixth episode is visible in the video at the top of the article.

Six episodes on the most symbolic Italian successes

The docuseries consists of six episodes featuring international leaders, Italian entrepreneurs, visionaries, successful artists hosted in unique and beautiful places, on an emotional journey through the Italian territory portrayed by a splendid photograph. Each episode aims to inspire the audience through a passionate conversation between the guests, exploring some of the most iconic Italian successes (design, lifestyle, manufacturing, haute cuisine, fashion, art, etc.), involving consolidated Italian and foreign realities in different innovation sectors, as well as startups and scale-ups.

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Italian creativity combined with technological innovation

Each episode (about 30 minutes) focuses on a well-defined area (travel & hospitality; fashion & design; bioeconomy & sustainability; manufacturing & engineering; culture & education; corporate social responsibility): the guests, through an emotional narration, bring to the attention of the public the characteristics of typically Italian creativity, focusing on the potential of people combined with the impact of technological innovation. Know-how and the desire to enhance the excellence of Italian ingenuity, in the name of sustainability, inclusion and humanism, are the common thread that distinguishes all the docuseries

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Who are the protagonists of Tech.Emotion

The first episode – entitled “The quintessence of experience” – features Massimo Bottura (chef patron of Osteria Francescana), Ruzwana Bashir (co-founder and CEO of and Beatrice Venezi (conductor). Together, they talked about how our country’s hospitality meets creative innovation, opening up endless and wonderful opportunities. In the following episodes, among the many well-known faces, will intervene: Alessandro Baricco (writer), Catia Bastioli (CEO, Novamont), Marc Benioff (founder, president and CEO, Salesforce), Lorenzo Bertelli (Head of Marketing & Head of Corporate Social Responsibility , Prada Group), Brunello Cucinelli (founder and president, Brunello Cucinelli), Davide Dattoli (co-founder and CEO, Talent Garden), Stefano Domenicali (President and CEO, Formula 1), Oscar Farinetti (founder, Eataly, GreenPea), Fiona May (former athlete), Alec Ross (tech expert, former US State Department Advisor for Innovation with Hillary Clinton), Sheryl Sandberg (Chief Operating Officer, Facebook), Giovanni Soldini (sailor), Patricia Urquiola (Architect and Creative Director of Cassina) and Riccardo Zacconi (co-founder and former CEO,

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Emotion Network: “We want Italy to lead a new development”

“Our docuseries was born from the desire to tell the Italian excellence in order to nominate our country to lead the development of an ecosystem that combines innovation and technology with human potential and the value of its emotions. The Emotion Network collective was created before the pandemic as an international comparison platform to inspire, have a positive impact on the ecosystem of Italian startups, pursue global sustainability objectives, encourage the ambition and passion that drive every business “, declared the founders of Emotion Network.

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Facebook: “We highlight the impact of Italian creativity”

“Tech.Emotion was born from the desire to give the right emphasis to the positive impact that Italian innovation and creativity have had in Italy and in the world. We are very happy to have collaborated on this project and we hope that, by highlighting the great skills and potential of our country, new investments can be attracted. Facebook’s mission, in fact, is not only to connect people with each other but also to put them in contact with resources and new opportunities, generating growth. We have been committed for years. , also in Italy, to provide digital skills and tools to companies and people to enable them to be successful, create jobs and thus support local economies “, said Luca Colombo, Country Director of Facebook Italy.

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