Technical problems at the premiere of ‘Elvis’ at the Brancaccio theatre, show stopped for twenty minutes

The director was forced to apologize on stage, but the audience remained in the room and applauded until the end

Technical Problems and audio at the Roman premiere of musical ‘Elvis’ at the Brancaccio theater in Rome, so much so that, after just twenty minutes, the show had to stop. It happened last night in front of a packed audience, who came to watch the show directed by Maurizio Colombi (Rapunzel, Peter Pan) who was making his debut in the capital after the pilot evening in Pavia. According to Adnkronos, it was a serious technical glitch which affected all three broadcast channels, music, microphones and videos, making it impossible for the show to continue.

Director Maurizio Colombi then decided to interrupt the performance and came out on stage to apologize to the audience, expressing his regret for interrupting a show in a theater to which he is particularly attached. According to what we learn, the afternoon rehearsals had gone perfectly, and the soundcheck worked without any problems, revealing problems only during execution. The audience was not discouraged, they remained in their seats and applauded until the end of the show, which obviously ended with great delay.

In the parterre there are many well-known faces from Italian theater and entertainment, including Pino Ammendola, Marco and Marianna Morandi, Stefano Dominella, Alda D’Eusanio, Alessia Fabiani, Patrizia Pellegrino, Veronica Pesci, Pino Quartullo, Dario Salvatori. This morning, as far as we know, they were carried out new checks, which gave positive results. So everything is ok: the theater is ready to wait for tonight’s audience.