Ted, the return of the talking bear in the teaser trailer of the TV series

Seth MacFarlane returns to Boston as a loud-mouthed bear in Tedthe prequel series that will be released on Peacock starting from January 11, 2024. In the first video that previews what we will see in the highly anticipated show there is the legendary teddy bear that wanders around Framingham.

This series arrives over a decade after the theatrical success of the original Ted. And now Seth MacFarlane, creator of the animated series Family Guybrings the irresistible raucous teddy bear back into fashion.
The series Ted takes place in 1993, with Ted (MacFarlane) living in Framingham with 16-year-old John Bennett (played by Max Burkholder), a character who was played by Mark Wahlberg in the first two chapters of the film series, Ted And Ted 2.

In a flashback with which the 2012 film began, John’s wish when he spots a shooting star will bring the teddy bear Ted to life, turning him into a real celebrity overnight.
However, when this prequel series begins, Ted’s proverbial 15 minutes of fame (to put it à la Andy Warhol) are over. The bear is back to living his boring, normal, suburban life with John, John’s parents (played by Scott Grimes and Alanna Ubach), and John’s cousin (Giorgia Whigham).

According to an official synopsis of the show, Ted continues to be “a bad influence” on John, but at the same time he also turns out to be “a loyal friend always willing to take risks for friendship”.

You can watch the teaser trailer of the television series Ted in the video you find above, at the head of this article, and also in the clip at the bottom.

An example of metatelevision

In the trailer of Tedwe see MacFarlane’s 1993 teddy bear writing a tongue-in-cheek letter to his future self about his dream of starring in “a new series on the most successful streaming platform ever.”
After which we hear him exclaim: “Well, we have a new series!”, these are the words of the Ted of 2023 pronounced with sarcasm and irony, the stylistic features that most of all characterize the comical face by the legendary Seth MacFarlane.

Even though the show was filmed at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, the ties to Massachusetts remain deep. MacFarlane and co-showrunners Paul Corrigan and Brad Walsh all have ties to the area, as do Grimes (born and raised in Lowell) and series writer Dana Gould (born and raised in Hopedale).

The show revolves around a truth: “Being 16 is difficult”.

In a press release announcing the trailer for Tedthe show’s fathers — MacFarlane, Corrigan, and Walsh — shared a statement about how growing up in the Boston area influenced the show’s humor, which centers on the “timeless truth that being 16 is hard.”

The three said the following: “The three of us were teenagers in the ’90s and grew up in and around Boston, right where the show is set, so a lot of these stories are personal to us.”
And they add: “We managed to put the characters through many of the same humiliations and stages that we experienced in that period. Also, we made things up (there are a lot of pages to fill and real life is mostly boring).”
All seven episodes that make up the prequel series Ted will be available for streaming on Peacock starting January 11, 2024.

You can watch the teaser trailer of the television series Ted in the video you find above, at the head of this article, and also in the clip below.