Ted, what to know about the Peacock TV series

After conquering the cinema, Ted lands on the small screen. The funny teddy bear is the protagonist of the namesake seriesarrived up Peacock last January 11th.

Ted lives with his best friend. sixteen-year-old John Bennett, in a house on the outskirts of Boston. While his crude jokes and love of marijuana may not be the best influence on John, Ted remains his best friend. Even more so now, with the changes that Lyceum brings with you.

Free comedy

The TV series Ted it’s a prequel. Why a series instead of another film? Why the brevity of the episodes allows you to give greater vent to your comedy. There is no plot to block the script: in each episode, it is as if the characters return to starting point. And this allowed writers to develop multiple comic stories within the same narrative. So, you can watch every episode of Ted randomly. And have a good laugh. Obviously, having seen the films allows you to have an overall picture of the show, but a foul-mouthed plush It’s still very funny though. This is if you are an adult. The TV series is indeed prohibited for minors: with John in high school, the two protagonists start watching porn films, smoking weed, tackling the topic of sex. And the vulgar language goes hand in hand with these records. “The audience wants Ted to be Ted, so we did our best to make that happen,” the writers said.

A revolutionary animation

The animation of Ted is a milestone in the world of animated films. Typically, visual effects in films and TV shows are incorporated late in the production process, often weeks or months after the actors have recorded their scenes. To improve the cohesion between reality and animation, MacFarlane’s production company, Fuzzy Door, developed a software that allows camera operators to see visual effects – like Ted the teddy bear – while they are filming. And the resulting harmony is perfectly appreciable in the series visible on Peacock.