Tel Aviv attack, investigations continue: no bullets hit Alessandro Parini’s body

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Investigations continue in Israel to ascertain the dynamics of the terrorist attack in which Alessandro Parini lost his life on Friday evening on the Tel Aviv seafront. No bullets were found on the young man’s body from the CAT scan, the Abu Kabir Institute of Forensic Medicine explained. He added that an autopsy has not yet been carried out and that it is uncertain whether it will be carried out. The Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office has also opened a file: they are proceeding for murder, an attack with the aim of terrorism and injuries. The body of the 35-year-old lawyer will return to Italy in the next days. Meanwhile, the group of Italians involved in the attack has returned to our country. On Saturday evening, around 7 pm, the scheduled flight carrying the compatriots landed in Fiumicino.

The story of the Italians involved

The Italians leaving the airport did not have contact with journalists, but in the past few hours one of them said: “We heard the sound of the car passing by us, then the shots and we dispersed. When we went back we saw Alessandro on the ground in blood”, after the impact with the car thrown at passers-by by an Israeli Arab, Yusef Abu Jaber. The group of Italians was in Tel Aviv for a holiday.

The dynamics

At the site of the attack, not far from the Italian embassy, ​​candles, flowers and an Italian flag were left, next to the Israeli one. In addition to the death of Alessandro Parini, the balance also speaks of two other wounded compatriots: one was discharged from hospital, the other (39 years old) will still need a few days due to a minor operation. Together with them, several people of British nationality were injured in the attack. Parini had arrived in Israel along with other Italians on Friday and expected to leave again on Monday: a short Easter break in a place that is visited by thousands of tourists in this period, many of whom are Italians. As soon as he arrived he had gone to the hotel, just behind the long promenade that runs along the sea. From there – his friend said – after an aperitif he walked along the seafront to reach Jaffa and have dinner with a group of friends. The car, as seen in a video on social media, hit him at high speed after having jumped over the sidewalk and the cycle path. Emergency workers tried to revive the young man but, according to media reports, he was already dead when they took him away.

The investigations

Now we await the reports to better understand what happened. The Israeli police and the Shin Bet, the spokesman said, are treating the case “as a terrorist attack”, without adding other details “given the ongoing investigation”. Abu Jaber’s family members instead spoke of “falling asleep” of their relative, who was later killed by the shots fired by two agents who rushed to the scene, which would be the shots heard by Alexander’s friends. The Rome prosecutor’s office has also opened an investigation file: the prosecutors of the capital’s anti-terrorism group, coordinated by the deputy Michele Prestipino, received an initial report from Ros and Digos. Proceedings for murder, terrorist attack and injuries.