Tel Aviv government approves constitution of National Guard for Israel

Established the National Guard for Israel at the service of the Ministry of National Security, directed by Itamar Ben Gvir. This was decided by the Tel Aviv government headed by Benyamin Netanyahu. It is a specialized body of about two thousand men trained to handle various emergency situations, from nationalist crime to terrorism. It will also strengthen the roles currently held by the Israeli police in areas most at risk. Minister Ben Gvir defined the establishment of the Guard as “important news for Israeli citizens and which will improve personal security”.

The financing

An Israeli security commission has 90 days to decide what “the prerogatives of the Guard” will be and whether it will depend on the police chief or another body. The executive approved funding of about one billion shekels (about 250 million euros) for the creation of the Guard Corps, reducing the budget of other ministries by 1%. An initiative that the opposition and the Israeli police do not like, as reported by The Times of Israel.

Prosecutors and police are against the cut of funds

The chief inspector of the Israeli police, Kobi Shabtai, and the attorney general of the country, Gali Baharav-Miara, have declared their opposition to the proposal of the minister of national security to cut the funds of the ministries for the creation of the National Guard Corps. In an open letter published today on the Israeli website, Shabtai warns that this proposal is “completely useless and could lead to disastrous consequences for the country”. And the attorney general warns against the “legal problems” that this new force could cause.