Telebari, the first 50 years of Italy’s oldest television station

Born in 1973 from an idea of ​​Orfeo Mazzitelli, year after year it has expanded its network and its programs

Telebarithe oldest television station in Italy, blows out its first fifty candles. Born in 1973 from an idea by Orfeo Mazzitelli, year after year it has expanded its network and its programs, arriving in 2023 to propose an offer which, from 7 to 21.30, guarantees information and entertainment every day on channel 17, for a catchment area that embraces Puglia and Basilicata. «Telebari was founded by my grandfather, Orfeo Mazzitelli – says the director in charge Maddalena Mazzitelli -. It’s a television that has been family-run for fifty years, starting with my grandfather Orfeo, passing through my father and arriving at me, who has been the director in charge for six years». Mazzitelli traces the history of television, which has its origins in the early seventies, bringing with it innovation and novelty. «My grandfather was a visionary – she specifies, because he believed in the world of women. In fact, in 1973 the first female journalist director was Maria Amendola. Telebari has made numerous important personalities known: we have had many professionals who are now known nationwide, such as Paolo Longo, Attilio Romita, Beppe Capano, Toti and Tata, up to the current culture minister Gennaro Sangiuliano, who was director responsible. Now we continue to expand our range of offers, filling theaters with events such as the CantaTour, which has reached its third edition this year. But we have also organized events such as AmbientArti, the first Apulian ecology festival. This shows that in the services we offer we aim to give a transversal proposal».

Telebari’s birthday will be celebrated with programming dedicated to its fiftieth anniversary, broadcast from 7 in the morning to 10.30 in the evening: «On April 19, all the programs will talk about our station’s fifty years – he continues -. Guests will be journalists who have been part of Telebari, people from the show business, but also ministers and deputy ministers. Then we will have a special on Telebari Social Night, where, from 20.30 to 22.30, together with Andrea Ravallese we will retrace the history of Telebari with important guests». The Bari television parable will also be re-proposed on 20 May at Piccinni, in a themed evening where, in the company of Toti and Tata and Alessandra Bucci, the story of Telebari will be celebrated, the first private broadcaster in Italy to cross the finish line of half a century of life.