Telegram is updated, here’s what will change from next month for the users of the app

Yesterday’s “WhatsApp down” gave him an involuntary assist. Telegram will try to exploit it, also thanks to the innovations that will be introduced in the awaited update of the month. The Russian giant, conceived by Pavel Durov, already provides numerous exclusive applications to its users, but the 5 innovations that are about to arrive demonstrate the will to continue fighting with the green app for the domain of instant messaging.

Themes, emojis and more

  1. The first thing users will notice is the Telegram themes, which can be changed at will. A similar function compared to WhatsApp but more extensive as it provides animated components and light / dark versions at the discretion of the individual user.
  2. Another novelty will be the emoji full screen, which will make conversations more enjoyable. The animations, in fact, will spread widely for both members of the chat for all messages sent and received. And soon others will follow.
  3. As regards the read receipts, will be extended from private chats to groups through a special double check mark in WhatsApp style. Read receipts will be valid for a limited period of 7 days.
  4. The direct recordings will be available for both streaming and video chats. The absent community members will then have the opportunity to view the recordings at a later time. When recording, the user can decide whether to store only the audio or also the video in the two available orientation directions (vertical or horizontal).
  5. Finally, it seems that Telegram has completed the transition from 32 to 64 bits for channels and multi-user chats. The redesign would take a year of work, so opening the app for the first time after the update will take longer than expected.