Telegram, the paid Premium version arrives to avoid advertisements

Soon the most famous of the world’s messaging platforms could split into a free version (free) and a premium (paid) version. Advertising to diversify the two. An important change that the company justifies with the need to guarantee Telegram a more consistent economic revenue, insurable only with the introduction of advertisements.

The subscription

“Many users have suggested introducing the possibility of disabling official advertising on Telegram channels,” wrote the founder of the app, Russian Parvel Durov. “We have already started work on this new feature and we expect it to launch this month. It could take the form of a low-cost subscription, which would allow any user to directly and financially support us in the development of Telegram, without seeing any announcements in the channels ”.

The details

The plan of the service operators is, first of all, to introduce advertising in particularly popular public groups. Private chats will not be changed, as well as group chats. Those who want to avoid the display of ads can choose to subscribe to a subscription plan. Sponsored messages will not track users’ activities and therefore will not be “targeted” based on preferences derived from their data.