Telephone bills, here’s how much regions and cities spend

The data in the report created for Adnkronos by the Gazzetta Amministrativa Foundation: Basilicata Liguria Lombardy and Veneto more virtuous. Molise and Puglia are the least efficient

How much does a telephone cost in Italian regions and cities? How much do they spend on landline telephony? This was revealed in a report created for Adnkronos by the Fondazione Gazzetta Administrativa della Repubblica Italiana, which, as part of the ‘Pitagora’ project, has drawn up a ranking of the costs incurred in 2022 by Regions and provincial capitals for the maintenance of their offices and of their structures, complete with rating assignment.

Basilicata, Liguria, Lombardy and Veneto are the most ‘virtuous’ Italian regions. Four Regions awarded the overall AAA rating. In particular, for this cost item, in 2022, Basilicata spent 9,320.96 euros, Liguria 34,454.80, Lombardy 114,811.34 and Veneto 117,862.11.

They are also ‘promoted’ for spending on landline telephony, with an overall rating from A to AA Marche, Calabria, Tuscany and Piedmont, which, with an amount of 87,297.52, 107,239.55, 121,035.68 and 150,385.00 euros respectively, are awarded the double AA; and then, with a single A, Umbria (106,590.42) and Sicily (566,254.57).

Among the Regions with ‘intermediate’ performances are: Campania with BBB (1,094,650.55 euros); with BB Emilia-Romagna (1,478,029.36); with B Lazio (3,037,239.98). While for this item the data for Valle d’Aosta, Trentino Alto Adige, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Sardinia are not comparable.

Molise and Puglia are the least efficient regions. They are the only two to receive a ‘C’, the worst rating. Specifically, for this item, in 2022, Molise spent 268,163.95. A figure that recorded exponential growth compared to the previous year, when it was equal to 18,258.33 euros, a lower amount in any case when compared to 2019, when it was 1,959.92 (the 2020 figure is not comparable).

As for Puglia, in 2022, it spent 2,901,329.42 euros on the telephone. An amount also in this case that grew significantly compared to the previous year (803,044.88) and with a fluctuating trend compared to 2019 (847,382.78) and 2020 (3,240,887.03).

Lazio is the Italian region which, in absolute terms, holds the record for expenses incurred for fixed telephony: 3,037,239.98 euros in 2022. Immediately after Lazio, among the Regions with the highest amounts of expenditure for this item, above one million, stand out, in order: Puglia (2,901,329.42), Emilia- Romagna (1,478,029.36), Campania (1,094,650.55). They follow, with amounts exceeding 200 thousand euros: Sardinia (841,760.11), Abruzzo (622,797.53), Sicily (566,254.57), Friuli Venezia Giulia (392,106.37), Molise (268,163.95).

Basilicata is the Italian region which, in absolute values, has the lowest expenditure incurred for fixed telephony: 9,320.96 euros in 2022, a figure that makes it deserve triple AAA. Among the Regions that spend less on this item, again in absolute values, with an amount less than 200,000 euros, we find: Piedmont (150,385.00), Trentino Alto Adige (144,492.57), Tuscany (121,035.68), Veneto ( 117,862.11), Lombardy (114,811.34), Valle d’Aosta (113,271.82), Calabria (107,239.55), Umbria (106,590.42), Marche (87,297.52), Liguria (34,454.80).