Telephony, Urso: “We are betting on a publicly controlled network, it was madness to privatize Telecom”

The Minister of Enterprise: “It is difficult to recover from that disaster, we are forced to do it”

There privatization of Telecom, 30 years ago, it was ”madness”. ”We rely on a publicly controlled network, which allows Italian cities, even the last village, to have a broadband network”. This was stated by the Minister of Enterprise, Adolfo Urso, speaking at the Anci assembly.

”The single network is an emergency dossier”, says Urso. ”Yesterday a technical meeting was held with all the institutional players to examine the dossier in depth and allow Palazzo Chigi to decide in good time, i.e. in the next few days, on the way forward for achieving in Italy what they have other countries and which we lost due to the madness of 30 years ago, when the sixth global company in the field of telecommunications, namely Telecom, was privatized in that way. Recovering from that disaster was difficult, we are forced to do it”, he concludes.