Televoting Sanremo, the codes and how to vote for the singers on the final evening

Last evening of the 74th Sanremo Festival (LIVE UPDATES – SKY TG24 SPECIAL): today all 30 competing artists take to the stage. From the second to the last evening – therefore also today, February 10th – voting from home affects the ranking. Here you are the rules and codes of the artists competing today evening. Geolier is leading the provisional general classification.

Televoting via text message

You can vote via text message: you need to send a message to the number 475.475.1 indicating the two-digit code that corresponds to the artist you want to win. Vodafone, iliad, TIM, Poste Mobile, Wind Tre, Coop Italia,, Very Mobile, 1 Mobile and Kena users can do so. Sending the message costs 0.50 euros (VAT included). Rai specifies, however, that the text messages will be free “for all customers of the operators who have signed up to the service”.

Televoting via landline telephone

It is also possible to call the landline number 894.001 and follow the steps indicated by a pre-recorded message, which will then ask you to enter the two-digit code of your favorite singer. This option is valid only if you call from Italian landlines (Sky Wifi, Tim, Wind Tre, Tiscali, A2A Smart City, Uno Communications, Convergenze and Brennercom). Therefore cell phones, public telephones and users abroad are excluded. This service also has a cost: 0.51 euros (VAT included).

Maximum five votes per evening for each user

The maximum number of valid votes is five for each channel, therefore five text messages from mobile users and five calls from landline users, which can be made by each telephone user for each scheduled voting session.

How televoting works: the final

Today all 30 singers sing again with the competing songs. The public will vote at home. For the first time, the general classification was announced, as formed at the end of the fourth evening. Then, based on the average between the percentages of votes obtained in the evening through televoting and those obtained in the previous evenings, a new general ranking of the 30 songs will be formed which will be communicated to the public. The first five names will perform once again, the previous votes will be reset and a new vote will be carried out by all three Juries: the public and televoting (34%), the press room, TV and web (33%) and radios (33%). Whoever gets the most votes wins the Festival.

The codes of the artists competing on the final evening

The codes for voting for the artists change depending on the evening, based on the order they appear on stage, and are read live by Amadeus before the performances. Here is the scheduled lineup for today:

  • Renga and Nek – Code 01
  • Big Mama – Code 02
  • Gazelles – Code 03
  • Dargen D’amico – Code 04
  • The Flight – Code 05
  • Loredana Bertè – Code 06
  • Negramaro – Code 07
  • Mahmood – Code 08
  • French Saints – Code 09
  • Diodato – Code 10
  • Fiorella Mannoia – Code 11
  • Alessandra Amoroso – Code 12
  • Alpha – Code 13
  • Irama – Code 14
  • Ghali – Code 15
  • Annalisa – Code 16
  • Angelina Mango – Code 17
  • Geolier – Code 18
  • Emma – Code 19
  • The Three – Code 20
  • Rich and Poor – Code 21
  • The Kolors – Code 22
  • Maninni – Code 23
  • The Sad – Code 24
  • Mr. Rain – Code 25
  • Fred De Palma – Code 26
  • Sangiovanni – Code 27
  • Clara – Code 28
  • Bnkr44 – Code 29
  • Rose Villain – Code 30