Telling the South and Italy from Rome, the challenge of ‘ViaCondotti21’ and ‘LaCapitale’ starts

From communication to information, from television productions to the organization of events, ribbon cutting for new realities that will join the Pubbliemme and Diemmecom Group

A ribbon cutting that marks a new beginning, four white spheres on a red background and the ambition and the challenge of wanting to tell a different South starting from the heart of the nation. The adventure of ‘ViaCondotti21’ and ‘LaCapitale’ starts today, an editorial project that will support the Pubbliemme Group and the LaC network in the ongoing national expansion to look, from the heart of the capital, to the rest of Italy and Europe. An important step, which brought together stakeholders, personalities from the world of industry and entertainment, journalists, exponents of the world of politics and culture, to name the new adventure of the Pubbliemme Group, an advertising agency with over 11 thousand advertising spaces managed on the national territory, the publishing company Diemmecom and the Calabrian network of national scope LaC.

The ribbon cutting, entrusted to Maria Grazia Falduto and Paola Bottero, was the highlight of a long design process, which in the coming months will bring ‘LaCapitale’ (the new publication to be published by ‘ViaCondotti21’) to present on the market format of in-depth analysis and analysis, information not shouted but reasoned, which accompanies the reader and the viewer on an analytical journey in these complex times full of contradictions.

“This adventure will serve to give new horizons to our group – explained Maria Grazia Falduto, CEO of ViaCondotti21 – In recent years we have invested in technologies and human resources, creating a cross-media group that combines information and communication on TV, web and social networks. We present our model by providing a clear, credible product, with the aim and ambition of showing what we are worth “. In the same vein, Paola Bottero, Director of External Relations and Communication of the new project: “In the vast world of global communication, the line that differentiated information and communication, truth and consensus, has become increasingly thinner, to the point of confusing the two worlds. Today information and communication, to have more value and effectiveness, intersect and complement each other. Relations and new languages ​​become necessary to make one’s voice heard, to orient oneself, to inform oneself and to inform. ‘ViaCondotti21’ unites the two worlds to get out of the stereotypical narrative and build new paths and perspectives “.

There is a wide range of guests, from Gabriella Carlucci to the director Antonella Polimeni, from the president of Svimez Adriano Giannola to the president of Huawei Italia Luigi De Vecchis, passing through the founder of the Fatto Quotidiano Antonio Padellaro and a large parterre of politicians, journalists and entrepreneurs, who throughout the day visited the studios and premises of the new publishing reality welcomed by the director of ‘LaCapitale’, Alessandro Russo.

“We Calabrians – he said – are like Pirandello’s characters in search of an author, perpetually waiting for someone to tell our story, only to be indignant because the so-called big press sees us only through negative clichés. With LaCapitale we want to overturn the point of view, starting to confront ourselves on a national level, for a narrative that is both authoritative and respectful of a reality that cannot be enclosed in the usual stereotypes. Our operation is the exact opposite of the whining: Calabria has strong skills and abilities in the field of information, it is time to prove it also in the national field by retiring the Calimero complex ”.