Temperatures dropping, the peak of the cold arrives but then everything changes: weekend weather

With the start of the new week the change will be completed with a general temperature increase

The peak of the cold arrives. The descent of another Arctic wave from Russia towards the Balkans, Carpathians and Turkey will cause a further drop in temperatures at high altitude in Italy too, especially on the Adriatic side; the gradual attenuation of the winds will then favor the deposition of the heavier cold air in the lower layers with strong frosts in the plains in the Centre-North, explain the meteorologists.

Antonio Sanò, founder of the website www.iLMeteo.it, indicates that the peak cold temperatures will be reached in the next 48 hours, especially in the morning with minimums of -5°C in the Po Valley and also in the central valley bottoms. But then from Sunday everything will change.

In detail, in the next few hours we will still have widespread frosts in the Centre-North and strong winds in the South: an Italy divided into 2 by the weather configuration which will still see the passage of a mild Mediterranean cyclone over the southern regions and Sardinia. The last rains are expected in these areas, with snowfall in the Apennines. In the North, however, thanks to the attenuation of the wind, temperatures will remain low and frequent fog banks will also form at night, with possible low clouds even during the day.

As mentioned, the passage of the Russian Arctic wave over the Balkans will cause a drop in temperature on the entire Adriatic side, more accentuated on Saturday morning.

On Saturday 13th we will find much more sun, practically almost everywhere with the exception of the Po Valley where fog and low clouds, together with frosts, will remind us of being in winter. In the Centre-South and in the mountains the sky will be blue, but the temperatures will be brisk.

On Sunday, much if not everything will change: less cold westerly currents are expected which will bring the first showers of rain on the Ligurian-Tyrrhenian side in the morning, then from the afternoon we will have some more widespread phenomena, again from Eastern Liguria to Calabria; it will be drizzle, but the sky will become gray on the western side. Temperatures will still remain cold in the North and on the Adriatic, but with the start of the new week the change will be completed with a general temperature increase and, even, with the return of temperatures decidedly above the average for the period: an abrupt stop to winter .

The new week will, in fact, see the passage of a train of mild Atlantic disturbances with rain on the Tyrrhenian side and locally in the North, in a decidedly milder context: for example, Milan will go from -2°/3° to 3° /7°, from this rapid winter phase we will move on to an autumn of alternating sun, clouds and drizzle.


Friday 12. In the north: clear and freezing at night with local fog on the plains. Middle: good weather; night frosts on the plains; some residual phenomenon in Sardinia. In the south: last rains in lower Calabria and Sicily.

Saturday 13. In the north: clear with night frost even in the plains and local fog. Middle: good weather; night frosts on the plains. In the south: cloudy to partly cloudy.

Sunday 14. In the north: fog and often overcast skies in the plains, cold. In the center: increasing clouds with drizzle towards the Tyrrhenian regions. In the south: sunny and cold in the morning, increasing clouds on the Tyrrhenian Sea with some showers on Campania and Calabria.

Trend: train of Atlantic disturbances with scattered rainfall, especially on the Tyrrhenian side with gradually but widespread temperatures rising.