Temptation Island 2023, fourth episode: Gabriela and Giuseppe make peace, the couples

Here’s what happened in the Monday 17 July episode of the reality show led by Filippo Bisciglia

Gabriela and Giuseppe are back together in the fourth episode of Temptation Island 2023, aired yesterday Monday 17 July on Canale 5. They had come out separated from the confrontation bonfire of the previous episode, they met for a new confrontation bonfire requested by Giuseppe. He explained to his girlfriend how she felt about her in her absence and then admitted to her all the mistakes he made during their long relationship. Pleasantly surprised, she decided to forgive him and the two left the show kissing together.

Ale kissed the tempter, thus betraying Federico unaware of everything. She, after hearing and seeing the words of her boyfriend, asked for the comparison bonfire. But Federic, who was unbalanced towards the single Carmen and claimed to have increasingly realized that he wasn’t afraid of losing Ale, didn’t show up and let Filippo Bisciglia tell her that he wouldn’t come and ask her to continue his path. At that point she decided to ask the production to stop the videos for Federico: he will no longer see anything of her. For this reason Federico could not even see the kiss between his fiancée and the tempter.

Still tensions between Mirko and Perla, with him finding comfort in the arms of the single Greta claiming to be very busy, to try things you’ve never tried. She has often complained about her boyfriend: she reacts to these videos with tears and anger, she no longer recognizes her boyfriend. The episode ends with Perla preparing to watch the clip with the ‘heavier’ content.

Even between Vittoria and Daniele things seem to get more complicated every day.