Temptation Island 2023, what happened in the second episode

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Filippo Bisciglia at the helm of the second episode of Temptation Island. The six couples continue their journey of feelings between new friendships and perplexities.

temptation island, what happened on monday 3 july

The episode opens with a brief recap of the first appointment and then resumes with the story of Isabella and Manu’s permanence within the programme. The girl sits in front of the burning fire, manu he joins her and watches a video in which doubts are expressed about their story, the engaged couple start a discussion: Manu thinks he’s giving his all, Isabella claims to want more initiative from the boy. After a confrontation Isabella and Manu decide to leave the show together.

Continue with Gabriela And Joseph. The girl has doubts about the relationship after seeing a video of her boyfriend while Pearl watch a video where Mirko he claims that the girl doesn’t get busy around the house. Gabriela watches her boyfriend talking to the temptress Roberta pondering whether to ask for an early confrontation bonfire to end the relationship.

Perla watches a video in which Mirko tells a Greta of the guilt of having made his former girlfriend suffer after leaving her and of the lack of relationship between Pearl and her mother. Another video shows Manuel speak about Frances to Ilariawhile in the second video the boy retraces the betrayal.

At the start of the boys’ bonfire, Gabriela talks about herself and dances with FouadGiuseppe goes back to the house to cry, Mirko observes Perla joking with Igor and Manuel listens to Francesca wonder why they continue to be together.

You switch to Victory And Daniel. The boy spends some time with Benedetta, Vittoria claims she is not cold, Federico sees his girlfriend Ale joking with Lollo and reveals that he doesn’t miss her.

The last part of the program focuses on the couple formed by Alexia And David. While on the one hand the boyfriend observes Alessia joking with the tempter David, on the other the girl listens to her boyfriend’s doubts. David asks for a bonfire for comparison. Appointment at Monday 10th July with the third installment of Temptation Island.