Temptation Island, get married! They also revealed the wedding date

The Temptation Island couple is about to pronounce the fateful “yes”: they get married and on social media they have announced what the big day will be.

They will soon crown their dream of love and through Instagram they also revealed the exact date of the wedding: after having participated years ago in Temptation Islandthey are now ready to take the plunge and the news couldn’t make fans happier.

Temptation Island wedding date (Credits: Witty Tv)

It was 2018 and they had been together for 7 years when they decided to test the strength of their couple relationship by landing on the famous Canale 5 docu-reality show hosted by Filippo Bisciglia. Through that “journey into feelings”, he wanted to have a way to understand if he still loved his girlfriend or if what kept him united with her was just her habit.

Their adventure in the village in Sardinia, where for 21 days the participating couples are divided and live in contact with single ‘tempters’ and ‘temptresses’, it was not without difficulties. The ‘monster’ of jealousy was not long in coming among them too: the interest shown in the temptress Teresa Langella risked compromising their balance and it was a reason for heated discussions, but in the end the two decided to leave the program together and to live their story with new awareness. Did you understand who the two ‘betrothed’ are?

Temptation Island, the wedding is approaching: they are getting married in a few days

The boyfriends who will soon become husband and wife are Raffaela Giudice and Andrea Celentano, do you remember them? It was Andrea who had a moment of confusion when he began to feel attracted to Teresa Langella. The latter, by the way, right after Temptation ascended the throne of Men and women where he met and chose his sweetheart Andrea Dal Corsowith whom he forms a beautiful couple.

As mentioned earlier, that sort of disarray did not last long, because after the comparison bonfire, Raffaela and Andrea returned more united than ever and since then there are so many fans who have continued to support them and cheer for their love. Since the exciting beach wedding proposal took place last year, many were eagerly awaiting the big day.

Now, finally the couple has announced when they will get married: in a question box on Instagram, someone asked Andrea when the ceremony will take place and he answered very clearly. The event is set for the next one September 22, in just twelve days! News that makes the many supporters of the couple happy and that bodes well for all those who dream of true love.

Temptation Island get married
Temptation Island couple gets married (Credits: Instagram)

Another happy ending story for another much-loved ex-couple Temptation Island: happy birthday to you both!