Temptation Island, the drama: Sofia lost her baby, a creepy story

Temptation Island, the drama of the former protagonist of the reality show: Sofia has lost her child, a creepy story.

She was one of the absolute protagonists of the 2020 edition of Temptation Island. Edition to which Sofia Calesso he participated with his partner Alessandro Medici. There have been moments of crisis between them, but today the couple is more united than ever. And, in recent months, you have had to deal with great suffering.

Sofia Calesso (Credits Instagram)

To tell everything was Sofia, who in the course of an interview with Più Donna, revealed that she had lost the child she was expecting by Alessandro. An immense pain for her, who decided to detach herself from social media for a while to recover from what happened. Even today, Sofia is recovering, as she also had to face another sad news. Following her his words

Temptation Island, the drama of Sofia Calesso: “There are no words”, she lost the child she was expecting

“In addition to the pain I suffered, the succession of episodes showed that momentarily there is no chance that I can get pregnant again and it was even more painful to accept ”. With these words, Sofia Calesso tells Più Donna about the delicate period she is experiencing. The former Temptation Island star has lost the baby she was carrying and, at the moment, she can’t get pregnant with her. A very strong pain, which Sofia has decided to face by getting away from everything and everyone and taking time for herself and to metabolize, as she told in the interview.

Interview in which he told how the greatest of joys has turned into a pain: “My happiness lasted very little. I found out I was pregnant but I was already eight weeks old. Alessandro and I are very happy but after only two weeks from the discovery, one morning I notice that I have a bleeding“. Sofia says she went immediately to the hospital in Perugia, where for the first time she felt the little heart of the child, but the joy did not last long: “The time to think that she would have resisted and then the bleeding increased to the point of breaking that life and my happiness too. There are no words to explain what it feels like ”.

Sofia explained that she has decided to tell everything now after following the story of Bianca Atzei, who is pregnant after a great pain. A story that gave Sofia so much hope: “It will take time and it will be what God has reserved for us”.

temptation island drama sofia
Sofia and Alessandro (credits Instagram)

A strong pain that, however, did nothing but unite Sofia and Alessandro even more. The latter was very close to his partner: “I thank you every day for having him as a life partner “. We send Sofia and Alessandro a virtual hug and all our affection.