Tenco 2023, Vinicio Capossela: “Song is words, music is emotion”

Best album ever. AND Thirteen urgent songs Of Vinicio Capossela who received the Targa Tenco and celebrated it with a set of six songs including Bad Education who sang on the stage of the Ariston Theater together with the extraordinary Mergherita Vicario. Vinicio Capossela is currently on tour with the live show With the Keys We Have – Thirteen Urgent Songs in the Theater.

Vinicio, let’s start from the Tenco Prize that awarded your album: a surprise? Or did you have expectations?
Already in 1990 I had taken home the Targa Tenco as Best First Film for my debut album At about one thirty-five. Today I tell you that not only do I have no imagination for the future but not even for next week, the future terrifies me. Month after month we move forward and in any case 33 years of music is a long time, I think of loved ones who are no longer here and of the world that moves forward. I’m a Peter Pan who isn’t equipped for the future.

The tour you are taking around has as its theme the disbelief that I associate with the naivety of a child: where does your amazement take us?

In the darkness of a concert hall there is disbelief but its suspension allows us not to rationalize and bring our things out of the unconscious; the song is explicit in the words but the music is substance and speaks a more emotional and emotional language.

The sofa is at the center of the show: it is an element not only of comfort but also of hospitality: why in 2023 are we still struggling to welcome others?

It is only at the beginning, when the scene is still closed and we end up on that Western sofa which is the supine condition with which we participate in the story. It is an altar where passive participation in the world is consummated, it is above all a surrender. Historically the sofa comes from the East and was an element of elevation.

What, in your opinion, is the difference between a bad education and an uneducated person?

In the uneducated there is still room for something. In my song Cha Cha Chaf della Puddle you are uneducated, in the puddle you step on it, you get dirty and you play with it, you follow your instinct. Then you learn the lesson and move on.

In your opinion, one of the love problems of our era is the difference between idealizing and accepting another person?

We must get out of our egotic society, the real prison is getting out of ourselves. We move through the reflections of the love revolution to actually arrive at an awareness.

Bad education he has never taught emotion: do you feel like a professor of sentimental education? There are many songs in which you reflect on the end of a relationship and its consequences and I quote for everyone Sock Heaven And Where we stayed in Terra Nutless.

I have written mostly about the end of a love rather than a beginning: it’s a bit like the whale that you can understand what it was like starting from its tail. The thing is, if you don’t live, you don’t write. There are purposeful love songs here.

Rebetiko Gymnastas it’s an album with a particular fascination: is there an idiom that you would like to deal with today?

I would go back to Greece because it was just the beginning of that chapter.

Your next artistic future?

The tour With the keys we have will continue until December in Italian theaters. Then we see.