Tenco Award ’23, Carmen Consoli: “A hug serves the human factor better than a click”

A unique emotion. Carmen Consoli conquer the Tenco 2023 through photographs of life, sometimes beautiful and sometimes disturbing, which become a heritage of humanity no matter how shareable they are. The Sicilian artist receives the Tenco Award and celebrates this recognition with an enchanting set, in the sense of enchantment. She appears on the Ariston stage with a smile and the right sensitivity to tell a human epic six songs long: she chooses, for this special occasion Narcissus, Orange Blossoms, Always Things, My Uncle, Last Kiss and, surprisingly, A’ Window.

Carmen, what do you think of this recognition?

I didn’t expect it, people believe in me more than I can believe in myself, I also thank the detractors, they are an incentive for me to improve.

How do you plan to condense 30 years of career into the little time you have tonight?

I will do three minutes and 50 minutes of medleys of my most famous ones, I will try to retrace my entire career. It won’t be easy but the Sicilians are taking it easy, they are not just simple laggards: we really enjoy being so.

How did your music come about?

Many songs born acoustically, with a guitar and voice, at home and voice.

Convey a strong sense of intimacy.
In fact, on the Ariston stage on this special occasion I bring the brothers with whom I started making music. I really love sharing experiences, living adventures with people I love and love. I have never changed my collaborators.

Today we often talk about acceptance of the female body.
I like it a lot!

How is your life these days?

My son plays the double bass and we just played together the other day I’m coming too by Enzo Jannacci In the near future I want to continue being a mother, play with Carlo, I plan to graduate, he is studying at the Architecture and Design University and I want to take my exams soon.

An element is missing in the extra-musical digressions…

And obviously I want to continue cooking, especially an excellent sweet and sour caponata.

Let’s talk about the album I wanted to be a Rockstaran album that had fairy-tale and dreamlike images, ten immersive songs: is poetry in music like this today, a dream with well-planted roots?

Poetry is the vision of augmented reality, a poetic vision of magnificent reality. The roots are rooted in the dream and for life to be poetic, the dream is needed which is not just matter for wasters, the dream magnifies reality by leading us to fight for what we want. Immanuel Kant explained that nature provides the genius with the tools of art and the artist takes them out.

Is happening It struck me because it tells of an instinctive love capable of subverting everyday life: is this what remains of love away from social media?

We are hit by a new way of understanding relationships, at the beginning you find many friends with little effort. Caponata on Instagram has no flavor. Of course they help me with contacts, but then I always meet the fans when I can: often the time I share with them is longer than that of the concert. A hug is better than a click, it’s not the same if the human factor is missing.

Do you sometimes think about when your kitchen table was the biggest stage in the world?

Of course, and I tell you that in the new dining room of the Consoli house there will be precisely that table that comes from my North-East origins. We love to eat very much, we are for the poetry of the meatball. I’m already thinking about smells and Christmas.

What will happen in the next few weeks?

I’m working on the Christmas show at the Consoli house, we are always half of a thousand. We study the Christmas repertoire with the musicians and with my son who will be on the double bass. We start at around 7.30pm and play for about forty minutes. Beyond this I’m writing and playing, I want to compose new things.